Introducing Berroco Folio Color

We’ve got another new addition to the Berroco Folio® family—Berroco Folio® Color is the same blend of 65% alpaca and 35% nylon that we love in Berroco Folio, but this new line features five long-color repeating shades that do provide an added punch of color. I wrote about Berroco Folio and Berroco Folio® Luxe (with a little bit of sparkle) a few months ago, so for this week, I wanted to share some notes about the Berroco Folio Color Collection and the awesome shades of Folio Color.

Berroco Folio Color ChebeagueFirst up we have the Chebeague, which Amy Christoffers used to design her Melo Melo shawl (pictured above). The  subtle browns and grays are the most neutral of the Folio Colors shades, lending themselves to pairing nicely with almost any outfit. Melo Melo uses a cool stitch pattern that evokes ideas of seashells (which, in turn, inspired all the names for the Folio Color Collection.


Coquina Shawl in Berroco Folio Color

Next up is Westbrook, which was used in the Coquina shawl I designed. When working with variegated yarn of any kind, whether it’s handpainted or long-color repeats, I tend to gravitate toward simple designs that don’t fight too much with the colors. Coquina is worked entirely in garter stitch and short-rows, making this great mindless knitting, with stripes of varying widths .

Puka Shawl Knitting Pattern in Berroco Folio and Berroco Folio Color

Berroco Folio Color is a great counterpart to Berroco Folio, and Brenda York’s Puka shawl shows how the Berroco Folio Color shade of Harpswell pairs nicely with Berroco Folio’s Violet color. Puka is a modular knit, it’s worked in one piece. Small tassels are added after the shawl is knit for a boho look.

Cowry Shawl Knitting Pattern in Berroco Folio and Berroco Folio Color

Alison Green’s Cowry shawl is the final piece in the Berroco Folio Color Collection, and Alison also combined Berroco Folio (Mount Desert color) and Folio Color (Casco) for her shawl.  Cowry is an asymmetrical shawl, and begins at the widest part of the shawl. A two-color slip-stitch pattern shows off the color combination nicely, while plain stockinette stitch sections allow Folio Color to do its stripey thing.

In addition to these four brand new shawl knitting patterns, we re-worked four Berroco Folio patterns using a combination of Folio and Folio color. Iwo is another asymmetrical shawl, worked in Berroco Folio Color shade Westbrook for the main body and Berroco Folio Violet for the contrast stripe. Kita is an open-front cardigan with a contrast color sleeve—originally two shades of Berroco Folio were used, but for this update, we paired Berroco Folio Purple Mountain with Berroco Folio Color shade Casco. We took two cowl patterns and reworked them in Folio Color shades as well: Enso uses elongated stitches to create a dramatic color shift in Folio Color shade Falmouth, while the two lace patterns used in Kurama beautifully show off the color shifts in Folio Color Harpswell.


How will you knit or crochet with Berroco Folio Color? Let us know in the comments!


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