Rugged Knits + Berroco Ultra Alpaca GIVEAWAY CLOSED

UDPATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Connie who won the Ultra Alpaca and Rugged Knits giveaway. We’ll have more contests in the near future, so stay tuned!

In May, we shared a sneak peek into Andrea Rangel’s Rugged Knits book, which featured three Berroco yarns (read that post). We’re excited to have a copy of the book to giveaway to one lucky winner, but that’s not all! In addition to the physical copy of Rugged Knits, you could win the yarn to knit the Braided Brook Pullover—one bag of Berroco Ultra® Alpaca (that’s 10 skeins, or enough to knit any of the sizes in the pattern)—as well as a Berroco project bag. Here’s Andrea’s description of the Braided Brook Pullover:

This cozy cabled pullover is truly lush. Elaborate cables pop as an allover pattern, while a generous cowl neck creates practical elegance. Use a yarn such as Berroco Ultra Alpaca for warmth, stitch definition, and a very subtle halo. The sweater is worked in pieces, resulting in seams that offer stability and allow for more portable knitting. air your masterpiece with jeans for winter farm chores or a tulle skirt for a holiday party.


To enter, simply head over to the Berroco Ultra Alpaca page to check out this great yarn, then leave a comment here to tell us which color of Ultra Alpaca you’d like to use to knit this great cabled sweater. Comments are open until midnight EST on July 14, and is open to anyone around the world.


292 thoughts on “Rugged Knits + Berroco Ultra Alpaca GIVEAWAY CLOSED

  1. I really like this yarn..have used it for a few small projects. For a whole sweaterful, I would like Charcoal Mix, #6289

  2. So many gorgeous colors, choosing just 1 is really hard. But I think I’d go with a neutral like Moonshadow or Barley. Or maybe Steel Cut Oats (my favorite breakfast!) or Lichen.

  3. I love knitting cables! I would depart from my favorite gray, and use Lavendar Mix for this sweater.

  4. One of the new colors- Blue Spruce Mix! This would be a perfect sweater for winter in Vermont. It has everything I love- cowl neck, a variety of cables, not too long.

  5. I would knit it in Winter White or Merlot. Very nice sweater and thank you for the giveaway!

  6. I already have a few SQ of ultra alpaca in some exciting colours, this time I would choose a neutral, moo shadow, steel cut oats, or dependable light grey. They are all so lovely!

  7. I love working with Ultra Alpaca and the pattern is beautiful. Cables are my favorite! There are so many wonderful colors to chose from but I think that I would love to knit the sweater in Cerulean Mix.

  8. Mahogany Mix is awesome! I also like Steele Cut Oats for a true classic. Really how can you pick a favorite with all those great colors. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  9. I thought about the comment regarding wearing with jeans, which I love and are my first choice in dressing in the cool to cold weather so I choose Merlot, 62121. I’d love to make this sweater.

  10. Grapefruit or Paprika or just about anything. Irwin green, lunar mix, couscous, (This may be why I have so much yarn. too much indecision. 🙂 )

  11. I prefer dark colors and need to get away from gray, so I think I would go with Peat Mix. That looks like a lovely dark green with interesting tones :).

  12. Twilight blue! Or barley. Both colors missing from my current stash of sweaters.

  13. Just learning to make combo cables……would love to try making a sweater like that…….all your colors are cool but the Concord Grape pulls me ……

  14. Berry Pie mix, love the name and the colors. So many great colors to choose from, I see a long visit in the Stitches Midwest Webs booth in the near future!

  15. Wow, what a lot of interesting colours! So hard to choose, but I do like Prune Mix 🙂

  16. Thanks for the chance to win. This book looks really great. I think I like smoky blue for this sweater, although the eggplant is really rich and beautiful as well.

  17. Those are beautiful yarns. I would love to use a whole bunch of them but my favorite is the Tiger’s Eye. It is unusual and lovely. Hope I win!

  18. I would use the Mahogany Mix but there are so many beautiful colors that it is hard to choose just one. The cables on that sweater are fabulous!

  19. Beautiful color palette, soft, yummy Alpaca yarn. Ahhhh….. I would love Caribbean Mix or Grapefruit mix!

  20. I am picturing this sweater in Merlot. Perfect for fall/winter. I feel warmer already.

  21. Stary Night mix is gorgeous and I love all blue colors. I certain would use that! I think the Braided Brook. 🙂

  22. Oooohhhh this sweater would look fabulous in Beet Root, I am always one for the jewel tones.

  23. While I always love a grey, blue, or purple… That Grapefruit Mix is calling my name! It’ll show off the cables, go with all my black pants, be right in season with winter citrus, and shine bright enough to go straight through spring. Honestly I’d even wear it in July if weather permits! Thank you so much for offering this lovely giveaway.

  24. Where to start! I love the Ultra Alpaca color palette and it’s so hard to choose which one k would use. I settled on 6207 salt and pepper for its’ depth of tones and how it would look for both dress up or dress down. Thanks for the opportunity to win some quality yarn.

  25. Wonderful patterns by Andrea Rangel. I would choose Cameo for the Braided Brook sweater.

  26. So many lovely colors to choose from it was hard to narrow it down but my choice would be the peat mix. The prune mix & lobster mix are intriguing too.

  27. If I won, I’d pick either Blueberry mix or Charcoal mix. I love this yarn, I made a cardigan in Peat mix a few years ago and it wears like a dream!

  28. It was hard to pick just one but I would love to knit that sweater in Briny Deep.

  29. I love green and blue hues, so I am definitely enjoying the new color blue spruce mix.

  30. This is one of my favorite designs from the book! I think it would be beautiful in Cous Cous.

  31. It’s a beautiful sweater. Wonderful match for the yarn. I’ve been craving a rich tan sweater, like tigers eye mix.

  32. I like the pea soup mix. I’m a green girl, and I think yhis colorway would show yhe cables nicely.

  33. Lobster Mix has always been my favorite Ultra Alpaca color–I have a lovely pair of mittens made from it. However, I think beetroot would be fabulous in cables.

  34. you’ve got some great colors to choose from. With that many cables, I think a lighter color would be best. I’m having a hard time choosing between Lunar Mix and Zephyr.

  35. So many great colors, but truthfully I’d love to make it out of Steel Cut Oats because it’s a great neutral and I could use a nice neutral sweater.

  36. I would like to try Lobster mix or Potting soil. But all the colors are awesome.

  37. I love the Twilight Blue!,I especially love the darker cables,it makes them Pop.Beautiful sweater.

  38. There are so many great colors iwhich makes it extra hard to choose online.

    Since i have blue eyes I’m going with blue. IF you assure me the cables will still pop then perhaps Briny Blue but its a bit of a toss up with Zephyr. I feel like zephyr a bit of a cop out since it’s modeled in that, but I think it’s beautiful & might make my eyes pop too! So one of those.

  39. Oh my Goodness! This is the very best cable sweater pattern I’ve seen (swooning). I would probably go for a lighter shade of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca, such as Zephyr to showcase the cables -and- the yarn. Zephyr is such a lovely, light (yet bright) blue – I love it!

  40. I have used other colors (mostly blue shades), so I would try something completely different this time–“Lobster Mix”

  41. Grapefruit mix would make such a happy, cheerful sweater and who doesn’t need cheering up in winter!

  42. You sure have a lot of colors, and I’ve knit with a few of them. Right now, Berry Pie Mix is calling my name!

  43. I love so many favorites of ultra alpaca’s colors. I think the cables would be beautiful in Moonshadow.

  44. Ultra Alpaca is one of my favorite yarns, so soft and warm. I’d love it in Mahogany Mix, anything henna colored really. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. Wow, so many colors to choose from! Since I am new to cables I think I would go with brown rice, a lighter color so I could see what I’m doing 🙂

  46. Peat Mix (6277) looks like a winner for me! All the colorways are gorgeous and look so very squishable. <3

  47. Beautiful pattern and such lovely colors to choose from…I would consider either Blueberry Mix or Irwyn Green Mix.

  48. Cameo is lovely! I think the subdued shade would let these beautiful cables really pop 💖

  49. I would absolutely love to knit this in the Denim Mix. I love both the pattern and the yarn!

  50. I love the Lobster Mix! What a great group of colors for a go-to all winter long sweater with those beautiful cables!

  51. Oh Wow! What an incredible giveaway! And the yarn colours are absolutely beautiful! I would have a real hard time choosing….. But I might settle on either the Berry Mix, Blueberry Mix or Turquoise Mix.

  52. OH My GOODNESS! What an amazing give away! I have all my fingers crossed even though I want to knit every pattern in this book! Starting with the Braided Brook Pullover! Love it! Same color as in the book…light blue would match with so much!

  53. It’s so hard to chose just ONE colour!! I think I would pick Salt & Pepper simply because then it can go with everything in my wardrobe. But if I was forced to pick something more colourful, I would have to say Oceanic Mix….it’s so gorgeous!

  54. So many choices…a tough decision, but ended up choosing when the name caught my eye….Irish moss it is for me, what a great prize. And the sweater pattern is beautiful, would love to be able to work those cables!

  55. I love Ultra Alpaca, and I love so many of the colors, it makes it difficult to choose. I’ve narrowed it down to Seedling Mix, with Redwood a close second. Thank you for this opportunity!

  56. Wow! So many beautiful choices. I particularly like, lichen, periwinkle and potting soil.

  57. I love this yarn so mucm.I’m actually use it for knit a cardigan. Everybody tells me how the yarn is beautiful ! I amost can’t wait to the next winter 😉

  58. So hard to decide but any of the blues especially Twilight blue or Indigo mix. Thank you so much for offering this contest!

  59. Beautiful yarn and wonderful to knit with!! I would choose Starry Night Mix 🙂

  60. Would like to make this in either moon shadow or salt & pepper. Ive used ultra alpaca on the Na Craga sweater and also on one that I designed. Love this yarn!!

  61. I love cabled sweaters! I think I would like to knit it in Cardinal for a bright shot of color in a dreary winter.

  62. I love all blue one. The Royal or Denim are my favorite . The pattern is so beautiful too

  63. Love ultra alpaca! I have a great entrelac blanket in lavender purple grey cream and green on my couch right now
    For this cabled sweater I would choose Lobster Mix or Cerulean Mix-tough to decide!!

  64. I love many : Twilight blue, Indigo Mix, Blue violet, Lavender Mix, Concorde grape
    Thank you ❣

  65. Pink berry mix looks like it would be perfect for me. Has just the right hints of pink and purple.

  66. I started saying in moon shadow, then I saw barley and found it also nice and so scrolling down I liked one color after the other.! This is really difficult. I think depending on the age and sex as well as the season all colors would work great and simply be suggestive of different moods.

  67. Just love the Dijon color for a bright sweater for fall or Orchid for an everyday choice.

  68. Bonjour, je choisirais la couleur Blueberry Mix pour tricoter ce chandail. Je connais déjà cette laine car je l’ai déjà acheté pour faire un foulard. I will choose the# 6288, Blueberry Mix. It is a great yarn!

  69. Cerulean Mix is awesome!!! It would be so hard to pick with so many beautiful color choices!!!

  70. I absolutely love using Ultra Alpaca! There are so many great colorways but I really like the idea of this cabled sweater in Candied Yam Mix. It reminds me of late fall in Virginia, cool nights, hot cider, around a firepit ♡

  71. I would be happy to make a sweater in any of these colours but my absolute fav would be Briny Deep #62104

  72. I think the light grey would show the stitches beautifully. I do love some of the ‘mix’ colors too.

  73. What a beautiful pattern. I recently heard Andrea on The Yarnthing podcast and loved hearing her talk about her designs in this book.

  74. It’s a tossup between mahogany and peat mix. It’s very difficult to choose when there are so many beautiful colors!

  75. I love Ultra Alpaca! I would use light gray (#6206) for this sweater. Stunning cables. Thank you for the chance to win!

  76. I’ve had my eye on Pea Soup Mix for a while now. Its the perfect outdoor colour to wear whilst gardening, walking the dog and child wrangling. My sweaters need to cope with life as lived!

  77. Difficult ro make a choice, all the colours are so beautiful, but I ended up picking the Garnet Mix because I just need that tone in my wardrobe.

  78. Perfect sweater paired with a good book in front of a fireplace with a glass of red wine! So need to make this using Chianti of course!

  79. Gorgeous yarn to go with a gorgeous pattern! I would use Salt & Pepper. Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. I’ve long admired the mixed colourways in the Ultra Alpaca palette, rich and well-balanced. Lobster Mix?! I have to find that new one for the name alone! But for this sweater, I think Paprika — lively and warm for fall, solid so the cables can take centre stage.

  81. I just got my yarn and book!! Wow! It’s even more beautiful in person! There will be enough for myself and a sweater for my first grandson due in december. I am one very happy knitter!!

    1. Berroco Who all won? I have been keeping up with my emails to see who won, but never received one with the winners.

      On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 11:49 AM, berroco design studio wrote:

      > Connie Kline commented: “I just got my yarn and book!! Wow! It’s even more > beautiful in person! There will be enough for myself and a sweater for my > first grandson due in december. I am one very happy knitter!!” >

      1. Hi Deborah! Connie won the giveaway—sorry, I meant to update the post and haven’t had a chance to. Thank you for reminding me.

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