Fun, fast knitting with Berroco Espresso

One of the reasons I wanted to blog about Berroco yarns is that, for all the Berroco yarn I’ve knit with and loved, there’s still so many that I’ve yet to work with. This week’s yarn feature is one of those—I’d never worked with Berroco Espresso® before knitting the swatch for this post. This brightly multicolored yarn features a unique construction and highly variegated colorways—let’s take a look!

Berroco Espresso is another chain yarn, much like Berroco Maya® (click the link to read my post about Maya), but unlike Maya, Espresso is not just a chainette yarn. If you ever used Berroco Elements, you’re familiar with the idea of a chain yarn that has “filler” content. Elements used unspun wool fluff to fill the nylon chain; Espresso features a chain, made up of two very skinny single plies, with a two-ply core. In the photo below, you can see the chain construction (I used the end of a double-pointed needle to open up the chain), as well as the two-ply core. Espresso’s outer chains are dyed in one color repeat, while the inner core is dyed separately, resulting in deeply saturated and mutable colors.


To get even more richness out of the colors, the two single plies that make up the outer chain are not always dyed together. If you look closely at the swatch below, you’ll see that some of the stitches show two colors in the outer chain.


Espresso is recommended for a US size 11 (8 mm) knitting needle. I knit my swatch on a US size 10 (6 mm) needle (mostly because I couldn’t easily find a size 11 needle—oops). The fabric of my swatch is fluid yet substantial—the stitches sit nicely next to each other but aren’t too tight. I like the way the yarn works up in garter stitch at the edges, as well as how it looks in the stockinette stitch portion. Because of the wild color variations, Espresso is best used in projects with simple stitches, such as garter or stockinette stitch, and we’ve got six patterns that show off this fun yarn to its best!

Have you knit with Espresso? Let us know what you think!


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