Playing with Crochet Motifs

For our 2nd Annual Mother’s Day quick gifts pattern, I wanted to crochet a small accessory. I’ve been loving finding new ways to use crochet motifs lately (as you can also see in my Provence/Vera patterns in our Spring ’16 collection), and I thought it might be fun to use motifs to make a headband.

Of course, when designing, things don’t always go exactly as we expect. I found a lovely square motif and crocheted one in Berroco Mykonos, and while I liked it, I didn’t really think it would make a good headband. And I was starting to doubt the whole idea of a headband for this project. Hmmmm…


But as stared at the motif, I felt there was something kind of interesting about the corners…


Suddenly, I had a whole new idea—a necklace, using just a piece of the motif. I took the motif diagram and circled around a section of it that created a kind of tear-drop shape, like a medallion. Then I played around with some simple stitch patterns to use for the rest of the necklace—et voila! A whole new thing that I hadn’t even thought of at the start.

Epilogue: As I was writing the pattern and making my new chart, I thought, “I know I’ve used this cluster symbol in a crochet chart before.” As I looked through other crochet charts I’ve made for Berroco, I realized that the motif I started with was the same one the Brenda York adapted for her shawl design Stardust, from our Spring ’16 collection!


It just goes to show how different yarns can affect a pattern, because I didn’t even recognize it.



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