Cotton and Cashmere Combine in Berroco Corsica

The third and final of our new spring yarns is Berroco Corsica™. This lovely yarn is a blend of 90% cotton and 10% cashmere, worked in a multi-plied construction that lends stability while maintaining the softness of cashmere. Read on for more about this great new yarn!

Corsica is a light DK weight, almost sport weight yarn, that combines the sturdiness of cotton with the lush feel of cashmere for a singular knitting experience. Available in twelve subtle shades, the finished fabric of Corsica has a slightly heathered look, due to the different ways that cotton and cashmere take the dye. Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 3.07.07 PM

Knitting with Corsica is a delightful experience. While the yarn is made using a multi-ply construction—two very tiny strands are plied together, and then five of those pairings are plied together—the yarn wasn’t splitting at all while I knit with it. You can see a better detail of the construction here.


Corsica is a very smooth yarn that yields great results at a variety of gauges. I knit my swatch on a US size 4 needle and really like the fabric. I haven’t washed my swatch yet, so I’m not 100% sure how it behaves after washing, but given the high cotton content, I’m pretty sure the post-blocking gauge would remain true.IMG_1212

Corsica also works up nicely in crochet! Our Corsica booklet, Booklet #370, features four crochet patterns and three knitting patterns. Look at how lovely this yarn is in crochet!

Provence crocheted in Berroco Corsica Stardust crocheted in Berroco Corsica Tucker crocheted in Berroco Corsica Vera crocheted in Berroco Corsica

It’s equally great in knitting too, as you can see in the three patterns from Booklet 370. We also have the free knitting pattern Tove, knit in an eyelet ribbing pattern, and Andra Asars designed a free stroller blanket knitting pattern using multiple colors of Corsica to show off the beautiful shades!

Lavandin knit in Berroco Corsica Roberts knit in Berroco Corsica Skylark knit in Berroco Corsica

As you can see, Corsica is a wonderfully versatile cotton and cashmere yarn that can be used for a variety of projects, in both knitting and crochet. What project are you going to make in Corsica?

-Amy P

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  1. Wow, Corsica looks like an amazing yarn and the patterns in the booklet really show it off. I love the idea of cotton and cashmere together in one yarn. The shades are absolutely beautiful!

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