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Emily Explains: Buttons and button bands

On our previous steek blog post, we received a great question about where to pick up for the button band after cutting your piece.

After cutting the steek, how do you pick up stitches for your button band? Do you pick them up in the crocheted stitches?

To answer this question, pick up the number of stitches your pattern and size calls for, with the right side facing, one-stitch in from the crochet chain made for the steek (shown in orange below).


After you’ve picked up the stitches, the crocheted chain should naturally roll under and lay flat on the wrong side of your fabric.


Another tip for button bands is to gently tighten up the gap between the button band and the body of the sweater by crocheting on the wrong side of your fabric. You can see the extra line of crochet in the image shown above.

BEFORE: Messy join along the color work and button band
AFTER: Clean join after crocheting on the wrong side

Follow along as I demonstrate this simple and easy technique that makes your button band look perfect!


After finishing your button band, it is time to sew on the buttons. I always have such a hard time finding simple buttons that are natural materials, pretty without being distracting. My go-to is usually mother of pearl buttons, but with my black Helen, I needed something different. Not being able to decide I ordered black horn buttons and these super cool blackened brass buttons from Fringe Supply Co.

Worried that my button holes would be too big if I went with the brass buttons that were slightly less then ¾”, I wanted to take a small step to make the buttonholes a bit tighter. When working back across my “k2tog, yo” button hole row, I knit through the back loop of my yarn overs. This is a small and easy step to tighten the button holes. (A little tip learned from Amy Christoffers).

Ultimately I went with the black horn buttons and I love them : )

Hope all of your projects are going well!




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