Emily Explains: Swatching for Helen/Ellen KAL


For this winter’s KAL I am excited to knit Helen, a Bohus inspired top down color work pullover designed by Amy Christoffers. I adore the colors that Amy chose for the piece photographed in Portfolio Vol. 1. They are definitely “my” colors, but if I were to be honest with myself, my winter wardrobe consists of mostly dark neutrals, so I wanted to swatch with this palette in mind. I gave Ultra Alpaca and Blackstone Tweed a try.

Ultra Alpaca

MC: Charcoal Mix #6289

CC1: Barley #62189

CC2: Tigers Eye Mix #6292

CC3: Lichen Mix #6299

Ultra Alpaca

MC: Charcoal Mix 6#289

CC1: Moonshadow #6209

CC2: Pitch Black #6245

CC3: Potting Soil Mix #6279

Ultra Alpaca

MC: Charcoal Mix #6289

CC1: Salt & Pepper #6207

CC2: Pitch Black #6245

CC3: Potting Soil Mix #6279

Blackstone Tweed

MC: Pitch #2658

CC1: Wintry Mix #2607

CC2: Clover Honey #2601

CC3: Beach House #2675

Blackstone Tweed

MC: Pitch #2658

CC1: Clover Honey #2601

CC2: Striped Bass #2676

CC3: Steamers #2602

Blackstone Tweed

MC: Pitch #2658

CC1: Steamers #2602

CC2: Beach House #2675

CC3: Wintry Mix #2607


With the help of the girls in the office, I decided upon my second swatch in Blackstone Tweed, worked with colors Pitch #2658, Clover Honey #2601, Striped Bass #2676, and Steamers #2602.

What colors are you going to knit your Helen or Ellen with?

Can’t wait to see your works in progress! Make sure to share your work with us on Instagram and Twitter using the #BerrocoKAL

Happy Swatching!






Starts: Monday, February 8th

Ends: Monday, April 4th

Pattern: Helen or Ellen cardigan

Yarn: Any yarn from Berroco, Lang or AMANO

Craft: knit

Hashtag: #BerrocoKAL


Join: Please post a comment in the WinterKAL thread saying that you are joining the KAL & tell us what project you plan to make in what yarn.

Yarn: These projects must be knit in Berroco (or Berroco distributed) yarn, though not necessarily the recommended yarn(s).

Participate: Feel free to post as often or as little as you want in this thread. We encourage you to share pictures, ask questions and tell us about your modifications. When you finish your sweater please post a picture in the Winter KAL FOs thread. We also encourage you to share your progress on other social media sites with our hashtag!


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  1. Can you suggest an alternative yarn for those of us who live in warmer climates? The sweaters for the KAL are beautiful but I just can’t see me wearing wool.

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