Emily Explains: Yarn and Color Alternatives for Mille

This week’s free pattern Mille, designed by Amy Christoffers, is perfect for the chilly months. It is a large, seed stitch cowl that can be wrapped around your neck a few times to keep you looking stylish but feeling warm. Mille is knit in Berroco North Star, made with palette of sophisticated neutrals, five of the seven North Star shades.

from left to right: #3001, 3002, 3005, 3006, 3007

For those of you who crave a bit more color, there are other yarn options for you too! Yarns such as Peruvia Quick, Vintage Chunky,  Inca Tweed and Ultra Alpaca Chunky are similar in gauge and have loads of colors to choose from. Here are some color combinations I like…

Peruvia Quick

from left to right: #9100, 9187, 9143, 9135, 9151

Vintage Chunky

from left to right: #6193, 6138, 6194, 6197, 6163

Inca Tweed 

from left to right: #8901, 8955, 8934, 8915, 8958

Ultra Alpaca Chunky

from left to right: 7285, 72191,72183, 72171, 7283

Mille is perfect as a gift for a loved one or for yourself!


Happy Making,


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