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Emily Explains: How do you keep track of your knitting?

For this month’s Sweater Challenge (I like to call it the sweater smackdown), everyone in the office is knitting Calleta. I’m not sure that I am going to finish my Calleta by the end of the month, but I do hope to finish the project because I love the sweater so much!


I am a bit behind the other girls in the office, just on my first sleeve. I love the way Berroco Artisan feels as I knit the textured stitch pattern with it. However, when I am working on a project like this, I tend to get confused with how many increases or decreases I have done as I work. I don’t want to make any mistakes to slow me down! So I have been placing a marker on a stitch from every increase row. This way I can count my stitch markers instead of having to understand my very textured fabric to keep track of where I am in my project! I think this is one of my new favorite tricks.


The other thing I like about this technique is that if you have to rip out some of your knitting, and I have, the marker acts like a lifeline! I place my marker every time I increase, which, for my Calleta, has worked our to be at the beginning of every pattern repeat. So I know if I rip back to a previous marker I am at the beginning of my textured pattern repeat. There is no guessing and I can begin knitting right away : )


I was telling Ashley how much I loved my stitch markers when knitting Calleta and she shared an app with me that she uses to keep track of her knitting. It is called Visual Knitting Counter and it sounds so cool! It allows you to enter notes and has two counters, which Ashley uses to keep track of rows/repeats.


How do you keep track of where you are in your knitting?

Happy Making!


6 thoughts on “Emily Explains: How do you keep track of your knitting?

  1. The app looks great however I can’t find it for my Ipad or IPhone. I’m guessing it’s Android only? Any good recommendations for a good app that can be used with IOS? Thanks!!

  2. PS: I’m heading to Rhinebeck this weekend. Very excited about that. Will you be having a booth or exhibit there? Thanks again!!!

  3. I use markers and/or ticks on a pdf in Notability. LOVE Notability. I believe it is only iPad or iPhone though, sorry. It allows you to mark up a pdf file with notes, highlights, underlines, etc. and you can also erase. So you can keep track of rows in a repeated pattern, then erase and start again with the first row. It’s very nice to keep track of changes you made to the pattern for the next time you might knit it. Thank you to my younger knitting friend for turning me on to it!

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