Emily Explains: Slip, Slip, Purl

There are some things in knitting that will always confuse me. When I am following charts, I tend to make myself a little cheat sheet on a Post-it as a constant reminder of what my symbols mean. This is especially important for me when I am working on a fabric back and forth, decreasing or increasing on both the right and wrong side of my fabric.

Amy’s beautiful shawl, Thayer, is a great example of this sort of charted fabric.

On the right side, the charted symbols read knit two together (k2tog) and slip, slip, knit (ssk). On the wrong side these symbols are worked purl two together (p2tog) and slip, slip, purl (ssp).

Slip, slip, purl was a little tricky for me to remember, but once I refreshed my memory the decrease is really very simple.

Now go knit some pretty lace like Thayer and dream of spring.



Happy Making,






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