Emily Explains: Knit and Purl Through the Back Loop

Only three more days until the release of this seasons new Spring/Summer collection! In preparation, I thought I’d demonstrate a commonly used abbreviation that you will find in many Berroco patterns: knit through the back loop (k tbl) and purl through the back loop (p tbl). By working a stitch through the back loop you are deliberately twisting your stitch.

Follow along as I demonstrate k tbl…


…and p tbl.

This stitch technique can create a beautiful twisted ribbing that pops or close a yarn over and to make an almost invisible new stitch.

Happy Making!



  1. The last sentence on how these stitches can be used sound very interesting. Perhaps in future videos, you could include an example of how this stitch looks in examples such as those you mentioned. I get how the stitch is done but knowing how and when to apply it (outside of the mention in a pattern) is where real knitting knowledge is built!

    Thanks for the videos.

    1. I agree with Jen! I came here because I was googling “why would you purl in the back?” I too would love to see some examples and explanations.

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