Style Your Knits: Halyard

We like to joke that there’s a dividing line of color preferences in the design office. Amy and Emily are metaphorically (and physically, with our desk arrangement) on one side with their love of neutrals and classic earth tones, while Alison and I prefer jewel tones (Alison even has a pink streak in her hair) and follow a the-brighter-the-better philosophy.

Really, our styles all overlap in different ways. Emily and I both love florals, while Amy and Alison have mastered the short-tan-boots-with-black-skinny-jeans look. But even on those days when we all show up wearing blue (it happens more than you’d think), we wear it in our own unique way.

With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to show you how each of us would style the same sweater. We picked a few of our favorites pieces from the Fall/Winter ’14 collection, raided our closets and set up a video camera.

Watch to see how we styled Halyard from Norah Gaughan vol. 15:

Halyard from Norah Gaughan vol. 15
Halyard from Norah Gaughan vol. 15




Want to knit a Halyard of your own?

Get the Pattern

Find the Yarn

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