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Cape Vertigo Giveaway!

Have you seen the new collection from Holla Knits? From the modern silhouettes to the bold colorwork and innovative textures, any of these designs could be the statement piece for your Fall ’14 wardrobe!

View the Collection: Holla Knits Fall ’14

My needles (and my closet) are just itching for me to cast on Leah Coccari-Swift’s Cape Vertigo. And I’m not just saying that because it’s knit in Berroco Flicker (though, I do LOVE Flicker)! It would be so indulgent about to knit something this fabulous. As the pattern description asks:

“What does a mysterious, fancy lady-about-town wear with her cocktail dress during a cold-weather excursion?”

This cape, of course! But if – like me – your calendar is lacking in the fancy-lady-about-town-events department, it can easily be dressed down. The cozy, gathered collar will keep your neck warm and the classic colorwork will keep your spirits up when the weather turns cold.

Cape Vertigo by Leah Coccari-Swift Holla Knits Fall '14
Cape Vertigo by Leah Coccari-Swift
Holla Knits Fall ’14

This pattern could also challenge you to learn a new skill. Knit in the round from the top down, the cape is steeked down the middle and then stitches are picked up for the collar. Sure, the idea of cutting your beautiful knitting is horrifying, but it’s also a quick and easy way to do colorwork. The instructions are thorough, so why not learn a new trick?

Post your answer in the comments section to enter.
Post your answer in the comments section to enter.


Want to win a Cape Vertigo kit?


How to Enter:  Tell us…what motivates you to learn new knitting skills?


Details: Post your answer in the comments section by 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, September 17th. One winner will be chosen at random and announced next Thursday, September 18th on the blog. Must be 18 years old and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to be eligible for the prize.

130 thoughts on “Cape Vertigo Giveaway!

  1. I am motivated to learn new knitting skills by wanting to make a particular project that requires those skills. Over the past two years I’ve participated in a number of mystery knitalongs which have required picking up new skills. Right now, I’m knitting a pair of socks on two circulars for the first time as part of a MKAL. Challenging but fun!

  2. When I see an unusual or new (to me) pattern or technique, I want to learn how to do it. I am a “repetitive learner” and it may take a while for me to master the new idea but that’s what fun about knitting.

  3. Seeing a gorgeous, intricately designed finished product that is styled nicely is just the ticket to getting my creative, adventurous juices flowing 🙂

  4. My friend, Andrea, is always knitting something amazing. She inspires me to push my knitting to the next level.
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  5. I consider myself a lifelong learner in every aspect, knitting included. So if I see a pattern that I love that includes the opportunity to use new skills, I’m right there! I am also hoping to have a job in a local yarn shop soon, so the more new skills I learn, the better I’ll be able to help my customers.

  6. I am usually motivated by something really interesting in a pattern. I haven’t done a steeked piece, but would love to give it a try!

  7. I like a challenge. Sometimes I learn new skills just to prove I can. I learned double knitting because it sounded entertaining. I still need to learn entrelac.

  8. I am never bored! I love learning new things and challenging myself. So much to learn so little time!

  9. I am inspired to learn something new when I see an amazing garment – usually a construction technique – that I just have to knit.

  10. I love learning new techniques to knit things. New construction methods, new cast ons, new stitches. Love it all!

  11. What pushes me to learn new knitting skills is simply a pattern for something I really want. I figure why not try and its only yarn and what is the worst that can happen? I might have to start that pattern or section over and over 🙂

  12. I gravitate toward deceptively simple patterns — not one for complicated stitches or patterns — but give me the chance to learn a new shaping or construction technique and I’m on board. For example, I’ve never tried steeking, and Cape Vertigo would provide an opportunity to learn that.

  13. I learn a new skill when a pattern requires it–either something I see in a yarn company e-mail, or something that a family member asks for as a gift!

  14. Pretty things of course! And I like new things in general. I am motivated to learn techniques that produces something that looks very special, or complicated XDXD But trying something new keeps my life interesting. That’s why I modified a modernized fair isle sweater pattern that uses seaming to use steeking instead, so that I can learn steeking. It was so fun! One thing I really like about knitting is that you will always have new things to try! It’s a hobby that lasts.

  15. I seek out new skills so that I don’t get so bored! I find that I lose focus and motivation when I do the same old skills. Bonus – unique items to show for it!

  16. When I see a new pattern with a clever stitch, or pretty color combinations (like this one) I want to take my knitting needles down a new road!

  17. I love challenges, it keeps me alert and the knitting doesn’t get stale. The added bonus is something unusal and beautiful.

  18. Sometimes because I just want to and sometimes it’s because I like a pattern and must learn new skills because of the directions….ah, like reading a chart:) I’m sort of new to that…make that really new….lol…..

  19. I will tackle almost anything if a pattern “calls to me”. Never having been afraid to try anything, I’ll cast on and work it out as I go. If necessary, I’ll search the web for instructional videos to enhance the learning experience.

  20. Looking at knitting books is constant motivation to learn new skills. I would love to make items that fit as well as they do in all the gorgeous photos…this has been my greatest challenge!

  21. I love a challenge and that motivates me to keep learning! Lovely giveaway – thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I love learning new stiches and techniques and also trying out unique patterns. This fits all my desires.

  23. Must knit patterns. You know, those ones you cannot live without our cannot imagine a certain recipient being without.

  24. I love learning new techniques and mastering new skills especially when I find a pattern that appeals to me. I’m always looking for new challenges and love to knit!

  25. I’m always compelled to try something new – sometimes a yarn, sometimes the pattern and many times simply to gain knowledge and accomplish a new challenge. Thank you for the giveaway.

  26. I try to choose patterns that use techniques that are new to me – the challenges engage me in the project and I love thinking about how I could use the technique in other projects. This summer I discovered several new bind off techniques that I absolutely love and can see using even if the pattern doesn’t call for them. Thank you for your lovely yarns (ultra alpaca is my absolute favorite) and designs.

  27. Whenever I join a mystery knit along! You go into it blindly and learn whatever skills it takes to finish the project. I always come away with at least 1 new skill. It really pushes you out of your comfort zone.

  28. For me, the process of learning something new is important. I get bored with knitting “easy” projects. I enjoy learning something new in every project. And it is a way to motivate me to finish the project.

  29. I find that unless I am trying something new I get bored!! The worst is having to knit several dishcloths when the old ones get ratty…. !! I love trying new designs – I’m on a shawl kick right now!!

  30. I usually learn new knitting skills in order to make a pattern I really like. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  31. I’m a lifelong learner. I love the challenge. It keeps my mind going, and I end up with a beautiful project.

  32. I am motivated to learn new knitting skills by a couple of things: my mother’s skills in projects, and my eagerness to make my little ones unique things. Compliments from others is a bonus too!

  33. Stunning! Can’t wait to share with my three girls. They are just learning and we practice together!

  34. What motivates me is that I really enjoy knitting and trying out new stitches and techniques gives me more “I’m busy learning something very important..”…whenever my family asks what i’m doing…..90 % of the time it turns into something for them for a birthday or a xmas gift……definitely loving what i’m learning…..

  35. Sometimes it’s wanting the end result, but mor often, it’s the challenge itself. Often I’ll start a project, then think of a ‘what if … ‘ change to it. The scarf/shawl I’m working on now is using three yarns in stripes for a tricky change of color right at the increase line.

  36. To challenge myself, to find more amazing things you can do with needles and yarn, and to make knitting even more fascinating to do and wonderful to look at 🙂 This shawl kit looks amazeballs!! 🙂

  37. Hello!
    What motivates me is knowing that my hands have created something that is beautiful and practical. Learning new skills is keeping our heritage alive while growing and connecting with other people and cultures.

    Plus I get to humble brag on how I made it myself! 🙂

  38. I have never seen colorwork done so beautifully until now….I love this!! I am motivated to try new skills based on the pattern. I love knitting colorwork but have only done it on a small scale like hats. This pattern would motivate me to learn colorwork on a much larger scale.

  39. To learn a new skill keeps your mind working and gives you a new special item and let’s you try new yarns with a purpose and a pattern to try again. Knitting is fun and you have a great sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed your project.

  40. I am motivated to try new knitting skills for the challenge. I love to learn new things to add to my skill set.

  41. When I see a garment I would love to have, but I don’t have the skills to knit it. That’s what motivates me. Nobody is going to knit it for me, so I’d better learn how to knit it myself. Thanks for this terrific giveaway. I love the cape. It looks so warm. It would be great to have 9 months out of the year wear I live. Savannagal on Rav.

  42. When I see a garment I would love to have, but I don’t have the skills to knit it. That’s what motivates me. Nobody is going to knit it for me, so I’d better learn how to knit it myself. Thanks for this terrific giveaway. I love the cape. It looks so warm. It would be great to have 9 months out of the year wear I live. Savannagal on Rav.

  43. Sometime I see a knitted item or a pattern that makes me go haaaaa! I have to have that. It can be in a book or just someone in a store wearing something knitted, and in that case, I hope that person doesn’t realize that I’m staring at her to try and figure out how it’s done. I will learn new skills any time something just grabs at me and says: you need this!

  44. I love learning new skills when I see a pattern that has something new and different. I think that’s the part of knitting that I really love, learning and mastering more intricate and beautiful stitches.

  45. My friend, also a Wendy, inspires me to push myself forward with my knitting skills. She is constantly learning, and when I see one of her beautiful finished objects, I just know that I can do more. Cape Vertigo is gorgeous-what a special giveaway.

  46. I usually see a pattern with an interesting construction that I’ve never done and I want to make it so I learn the new technique

  47. Steeking still eludes and scares me even though I’ve been knitting for 45 years, seriously for the last 20. I could use a new skill in my toolbox – d4obrien on ravelry.

  48. Seeing the amazing, stunning creativity of fellow knitters inspires me to try something new. Mastering a stitch or technique motivates me to try something else new. All the glorious yarn in the knitting shop entices me to try something new. Now, if I could just finish all the cool projects I’ve started. 🙂

  49. I like to be challenged, especially creatively, and there’s nothing quite like seeing the end result of something new and challenging you took on.

  50. What motivates me to learn new knitting skills (which I have only a few so far) is seeing beautiful finished pieces like this one which make me want to have such a thing for myself or to give to someone to treasure. Thanks.

  51. I think I am a little obsessed with knitting and get bored with just doing the same old thing all the time. Some knitters can make hundreds of the same item, I don’t like making the second sock!! I love learning new techniques, and creating new ideas and items

  52. I like to learn new knitting skills when presented with a pattern beyond my skills, and sometimes just to learn something new.

    Have a great day!!!

  53. The Cape Vertigo is beautiful – one thing I have never been able to do is steak something I have knitted. I think this would give me the courage to try it.

  54. I love adding new skills to my knitting tool kit, it opens up a whole new world of projects that I can create! There are seemingly unlimited ways to work with two sticks and a piece of string.

  55. I love to challenge myself to figure out a new stitch or a difficult pattern. I have always been a very curious person who loves to learn about all things.

  56. When I see a beautiful piece of knitting and ponder it’s creation, I’m forced to realize that two hands, NOT unlike my own, created this treasure. If they can do it, then so can I. And there begins my journey to acquire the new skills I’ll need to create magic! Inspiration fuels our passion and causes us to reach for skills and techniques that are beyond our current scope. Bring on the inspiration!!!

  57. Looking through patterns, and stitches i have never tried before motivates me to keep learning and strive to be better.

  58. Whenever I see a pattern that I fall in love with (like this one), my first thought is ‘How did they do that?’, then usually ‘I couldn’t do that’, then ‘Well maybe I’ll just have a try’. I have learned so many new skills just by trying, sometimes frogging a few times along the way, but I usually get there in the end. (except dpns, I try every few months and end up in a tangle every time!)

  59. I love learning new knitting skills for the accomplished feeling that I get when I fell that i have conquered the new skill. Of course the resulting product is an added bonus!

  60. Just the act of learning something new motivates me. Constantly expanding my skills is what keeps knitting fresh and exciting for me.

  61. Learning new skills opens up new directions I can go as a knitter. I am not confined to the same old patterns. Nothing is more thrilling than reading a pattern for something I love and finding out that I CAN knit it.

  62. Life is much too short to keep repeating the same thing……learning new techniques is a bit frustrating sometimes, but it is so rewarding in the end.

  63. I love the challenge of learning something new. Knitting is fun & relaxing for me and through knitting I’ve made friends who share my love of knitting. Also I enjoy making beautiful things for myself, my family and my friends.

  64. For me, a new stitch to learn comes from the beautiful pattern. I want to recreate something that I think is really beautiful and so I’m willing to struggle with a new stitch, use up all my markers, and keep on plugging away. Besides, I think it keeps my brain from falling into a ‘senior moment’. At least, I hope so!

  65. Beautiful patterns motivate me to try new things. Sometimes I see something and think there’s no way I can make it, but then I remember there’s all sorts of resources out there to help, and I don’t want to be stuck making the same things all the time and not grow.

  66. I’m motivated to learn new skills by seeing out of the ordinary pattern designs. I especially like color work patterns. I like the textures of different yarns and how the stitches will lend to different textures. Learning new skills keeps my interest in knitting. I’m amazed at the endless possibilities.

  67. When I see an awesome pattern that I would just love to knit, I just tell myself….I can learn to do that!

  68. Just learning to knit, casting on was the biggest hurdle. I finally found the long-tailed method and the gates of this wonderful craft world swung open to greet me. Each new skill opens a new wonderful set of doors for me and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  69. I consider myself an adventurous early learner who has only been avidly stitching for a few years. Most of my fitted projects are hats, the rest are flat and made for others, so the desire to learn something new to provide for a need or a gift is usually the main motivating factor. Nice designs of any kind (not necessarily in fiber) with beautiful colors will catch my eye and I will try to figure out how to recreate it. If I find a pattern that also fills my visual learning need, I will attempt to make the item myself. (I can’t always picture how a stitch or method is worked without the pictures.) Difficulty levels sometimes deter my desire, but only until I learn the methods used. Sometimes, if no difficultly level is provided, there is no hesitation to jump right in. I want to learn color-change techniques of all types, double knitting, and steeking, for a sweater I promised to make nearly a year ago!!

  70. I push myself to learn new knitting techniques because I want to make things for others that will “wow” them. I love making gifts!!!

  71. I am motivated to learn new knitting and crocheting techniques because I want to make gifts for people that will “wow” them. I love to make gifts for others! It’s my favorite thing to do!!!

  72. I love learning new techniques. All I have to do is see something interesting and I go for it! This cape is lovely. And I love a challenge in my knitting. Maybe because I have been knitting for a long time?

  73. The opportunity to be challenged with a personal creative interest exhilarates and motivates me to focus on reaching my goal of learning a new knitting skill for creating beautiful fun items to share and to wear.

  74. A new baby, nothing inspires more than a new little one. I get out all my patterns and then I look on ravelry trying to imagine what the new little one will look like. Will she need something frilly or earthy or polka dots? Will he need a teddy bear hat or a rugby sweater? The possibilities are endless!!!

  75. I’m not always able to follow directions, my mind runs with a project and the next thing I know, I’m modifying an already great pattern. I’m motivated to learn new knitting techniques so I can keep my options open.

  76. I used to be scared of particular stitches. Now a days I am totally motivated to try new stitches and patterns because there is so much information on the internet. If you don’t know how to do a particular stitch – there are tons of videos. That makes it less scary to step outside of the knit purl box and try some new stitches and some awesomely fantastic patterns!

  77. I’m motivated to learn a new technique with cute projects. I’ll learn anything new if it’s what I need to learn to make a new thing!

  78. I am motivated to learn new skills when I see a new pattern that makes me. It’s nice to be pushed to learn something new when you know the goal is a beautiful new object.

  79. I love to try a new technique when I see something that has been made using the technique. And then I love to try the technique out in a new and unusual way.

  80. I have been knitting for many years and have ALWAYS been afraid to try new stitches. Very intimidated by everything new but then my daughter took up knitting and she has been coaxing me along to try NEW stitches, yarn, needles etc! So now I’m willing to give it all a try! Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. I like to learn just about anything so long as I can find a video of someone doing it. I’m very visual so I need to see it done, not just have words for instructions. I’m a bit ADD when it comes to knitting sometimes because as soon as I find a new stitch or technique, I will likely abandon my current project to try something new.

  82. The best motivation comes from my knit sisters who encourage me to try new things and always give positive feedback. This includes the lovely lady who owns the local yarn shop and comes up with fun knit-a-longs and gives out hugs with each purchase.. or just because. They actually make me believe I can do anything; and I can because they are always there to support me.

  83. I’m motivated to learn by seeing all of the fabulous patterns and finished items that are beyond current my skills. I’m often inspired by browsing on Ravelry and meeting with my guild. This cape is absolute stunning.

  84. New skills. New patterns. New fibers. And my friends. I am always finding new and exciting reasons for my motivation to learn new things and expand my repertoire

  85. I teach knitting to college students so I have to stay on my toes! I pass along the skills I learn to these students who are very eager to learn knitting. I never know what these students are going to ask from one meeting to the next. If I don’t know a technique I make certain I learn before the next weekly meeting. This helps me to not only build on my own skill set, but to encourage the college students to do the same. In addition, I find that not only are the students eager to learn these new skills, but they really enjoy learning about the history of knitting and how the techniques, and stitches, came to be.

  86. I learn new skills mostly when I see a project I really want to make. knitting is all about learning, it is (or should be) a never ending education.

  87. I am motivated to learn when I see a project I just have to make! I am a self-taught knitter and love learning new techniques.

  88. I like to try to figure out new stitches in different patterns. I love to try new things. I like KAL’s, group classes, and just trying something new for beautiful new pieces.

  89. My motivation can be many and overlapping things–yarn in my stash or that I cannot leave a store without, needles I inherited but have not used, a pattern that inspires. The most consistent thing of those has to be a pattern that is amazing.

  90. I’m especially motivated to learn new knitting skills when I think about the gifts I’d like to make for family & friends! 🙂

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