Emily Explains: Donnely’s Fisherman’ s Rib

This weekend I traveled up to Maine and explored Monhegan Island for the day. As always, it was beautiful with a foggy morning that turned into a bright and sunny day. I love seeing all the different people on the island – the working boats, pulling up traps and the artists tucked in the gardens or along the cliffs painting the landscape. Between the misty morning and all the beautiful people on their boats, I was longing for some wool in my hands. Everything was inspiring me to make. 

When I was looking through our Fall collection, I remembered we have a beautiful cap that would be right at home on Monhegan Island. Donnely is a warm fall and winter cap knit in Berroco Inca Tweed, and it’s exactly what I want to wear when the weather turns cool in Providence.



The pattern stitch is an airy rib, worked by knitting your knits of the rib stitch in the row below. Once you get the hang of it, the technique isn’t too tricky.

Follow along as I demonstrate the Fisherman’s Rib.

Knit this for the early foggy mornings this fall.

Happy Making!






  1. Do you have a pattern for the hat shown. I’ve made a scarf using fisherman’s rib and would like to make hat to go with.

    1. Hi, the scarf I made is with 8mm needles, if I buy this pattern how do I adapt it to 8mm needles and really chunky yarn ? Will it be fine ?

    2. We usually recommend using the yarn that the pattern is made with, in this case Inca Tweed, which is worked on a size 10 needle. If you would like to use another yarn on a bigger needle, this may require a little bit of reconfiguring the pattern. But with a swatch this can totally be done! : )

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