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Emily Explains: Color Options for Splice

What is soft, cuddly and furry all over? Marmot! This yarn’s soft fur-like texture lends itself to many fun accessory patterns, but Norah believed it would make a lovely garment, too! Splice is a simple pullover that combines both Vintage DK for the sleeves and Marmot for the body.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 1.25.48 PMSome of you have written in excitedly asking if we had any other yarn combination suggestions.

Here’s some ideas I came up with, but you can take a look at the Vintage DK shade card and the Marmot shade card for some crazier combinations.

Marmot color # 3748 and Vintage DK color #2143
Marmot color # 3715 and Vintage DK color #2184
Marmot color #3743 and Vintage DK color #2192
Marmot color #3734 and Vintage DK color #2145

These color combinations could also work for other Vintage and Marmot accessories, including KlukshuLorne, Laberge and Enrol.

I hope you enjoy knitting with these yarns!

Happy Making,



2 thoughts on “Emily Explains: Color Options for Splice

  1. Love the suggestions, especially the dark purple and the dark grey. I think we are going to see lots of knits with a combination of textures in stores this winter. Excellent way to knit your own on-trend sweater!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I think it would be exciting to see the two yarns mixed up in different ways to create a new textural surface !
      Happy Making!

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