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Barrison’s Travels: 4th of July

Barrison Bear loves to travel the world, but for this 4th of July she decided to explore a little closer to home. She dreamed up a sassy summer dress and planned a weekend filled with friends and fun activities. Then Hurricane Arthur stormed up the East Coast and, quite literally, rained on her parade.

Barrison didn’t let the bad weather dampen her holiday spirits. She finished knitting her new pattern, Asteroidea, just in time for an Independence Day cookin. The sun returned on Saturday and Barrison soaked it up, first by the pool and then by the bay on leisurely bike ride. With all the rain and outdoor adventures, Berroco Modern Cotton ended up being a perfect yarn choice for Barrison’s design. It’s comfy, lightweight and can withstand a wash in the machine or a hurricane!

You can see more pictures from Barrison’s holiday weekend in the slideshow below!


Barrison’s dress includes twisted fringe ties for the halter. If you’ve never tried this technique, you’ll want to check out Emily’s tutorial:

3 thoughts on “Barrison’s Travels: 4th of July

  1. This is such a cute idea! :o)
    I’m making a Berrison Bear but I’ll call her something different, and I’m going to take her on some adventures too!! :o)
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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