Emily Explains: Wrap and Turn

I’ve always gravitated toward things that are a bit quirky and clothes are no exception. When sketching, I like to imagine asymmetrical lines and shapes on the body. To make these forms come to life, I needed to learn how to use short rows in my knitting. Short rows literally mean knitting for some of the row, turning and knitting in the other direction. This causes the fabric to become longer on one side than the other. The knitting becomes more abstract. You’ll find that sock patterns call for this technique when turning a heel and sweaters with elliptical or asymmetrical hemlines.

Most of Berroco‘s patterns featuring short rows instruct you to simply turn your knitting and not bother to wrap the stitch. This will still create an asymmetrical fabric but it forms little holes where the knitting has been turned. To eliminate the holes, use the wrap and turn method and knit the wraps together with the corresponding stitches. It’s really very simple once you get the hang of it and the effect is so cool!

Follow along as I demonstrate the wrap and turn method I like to use…

You can use wraps and turns for any of our patterns that call for short rows, including Maderia and Barrison Bear!




Happy Knitting!





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