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Norah’s Knits: Small Projects for Spring – Hand Warmers

I quit wearing my coat a few weeks ago.  It’s not that the weather was warm – far from it, actually – but I am simply done with winter. This time of year, sometimes a pair of hand warmers can make the difference between being cold and being comfortable. Small projects like mittens and gauntlets are also great to have going all summer long. The entire project can be easily tucked into your bag and ready when you have a few moments to spare. Here are a few of the hand warmers and mittens I would cast on for a quick spring knit.

The softness and warmth of a lining knit in Marmot make Enrol extremely compelling to me right now.


I think Lawson is my favorite hand warmer pattern (at least for the moment).  Amanda combined cables and ribs masterfully in these beautifully proportioned gauntlets.


Shown in our multicolor yarns, Boboli, Borealis and Boboli Quick, Woodhaven is a basic mitten pattern written for 3 different weights of yarn. So you can really have fun mixing and matching the yarns and knit a few for different times of the year!


Flicker is a wonderful yarn for armwarmers.  The natural stretch helps keep the piece snug in place. Both Toren and Persius are fun to knit and have easy to remember texture patterns.

toren_lg 339_persius_lg

Lacis and Zigzag are both shown here knit in Ultra Alpaca Fine, which is not only washable but highly affordable, too!  I’d love to try a few pairs of these knit in Folio, which is even more luxurious.

lacis_lg zigzag_lg

Ok, this one gets an award for the weirdest photo! We stopped using that mannequin a while back. However, this long line gauntlet, Annalina, is still one of my favorites. Now that short sleeves and half sleeves are fashionable in winter  (and I do love the look), you need something to keep your forearms warm in a cooler house or outdoors.




Do you like to keep a small portable project going at all times?

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