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Norah’s Knits: Winter Lace

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve been featuring our spring ’14 patterns since January while across the country it just keeps snowing and snowing some more.  Who wants to think about lacy tops right now? I heard that it’s colder in Florida that at the Winter games in Russia!  Well, Emily and I like to think of our latest collection as being trans-seasonal. Here are a few suggestions of patterns from the new collections that you can  make now and wear while it’s still winter.

These patterns in our spring collection were purposely designed to be transitional and are designed for the very wintery and cosy yarn Cirrus:


Azimuth & Divvy

Hantsuki is knit in Folio, an alpaca and rayon blend.


With 15% Alpaca, Maya is the perfect Winter yarn for warmer climates.  For more warmth substitute Ultra Alpaca or Vintage for either of these patterns:


Mallo & Chock 

Here are two Spring patterns that would work well in almost any winter yarn.  They’d both be great in Kodiak.  At 3 sts = 1″, The finished pieces would be much larger, but all the better for winter!


Yuma & Parrotfish

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  1. These patterns are lovely! And most appropriate for all climates. I live in Alaska and travel to the northwest often. I never know what to pack, but can imagine working a couple of these up to keep me comfortable, no matter what season, or weather conditions. I follow your patterns and yarns, and always want to make more than time allows. Thanks for all of the inspiration you give me.

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