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Emily Explains: Pippin’s Flower Petals

Last Friday, we introduced booklet #341 Lake House. I had a lot of fun designing this book and, even though it is just a little tunic, Pippin is my favorite design. With Pippin, I got to play with color and scale to make something whimsical and fun. I have to admit… I kind of want one in my size.

original Pippin sketch

Here’s the finished sweater, modeled by Norah’s granddaughter Edie! She’s the cutest.

Eddie modeling Pippin
Pippin detail

The flower petals are made by using a cable cast on to make extra stitches and then immediately binding off. Ultimately, you are left with the same number of stitches on your needle as what you began with, except now you have a little colorful cord or petal.

Watch my how-to video to see how easy it is…

This is technique you could add to other projects as well…anything that’s mostly stockinette or garter stitch would work well. Here are some suggestions:

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11 thoughts on “Emily Explains: Pippin’s Flower Petals

  1. Your video has helped a lot. I was a bit discouraged as my flowers had holes and didn’t look very nice. Thank you Emily!

    1. Hello! I did knit the flowers on the back of Pippin, but I think that you could get away with just knitting the front if you’d like : )

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