Norah’s Knits: Design Classes at Vogue Knitting Live

Will you be attending this weekend’s  Vogue Knitting Live? I hope to see you there!  This year I’m concentrating on teaching design. On Saturday, I’ll be giving a slide show lecture on pattern stitch development. I’ll describe my process of coming up with new pattern stitches and talk about the process involved in designing the final product.  I love to go picture-heavy with my talks, so expect a lushly illustrated presentation!


Later  in the afternoon, I’m giving a hands-on workshop (for the first time ever!) about making up cable stitches, like the ones used in Cloos (below) and Aeneus (right).  I’ll be teaching a few of my favorite cable constructions and talking about how to combine them to “draw” with cables.  You’ll be knitting your own cabled medallion by the end of the class and will be prepared to discover new cable panels and medallions on your own.  I just found out that this session is sold out,  but I’ll be teaching this class again on Sunday morning. There are only a few spots left, so hurry!


You can check out the schedule and sign up online.

The folks at Vogue Knitting tell me that any registrant that uses a special code during sign up, will receive a FREE gift! The code assigned to me is: NYTEACHER14

See you in NY!


  1. I’m still excited from attending class today. You made drawing cables look so easy. I finally have the confidence to design my dream cable sweater. The class attendees tomorrow are in for a treat. Thank you for the wonderful class.

    1. Thanks, that’s great to hear. I am still totally pumped as well. It was a great group. I am proud of how ell every one did. If you finish up your swatch send a photo. I’d love to see it!

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