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Emily Explains: “TBL” (Through the Back Loop)

The other day the design studio recieved an email asking for clarification on Lawson’s ribbing. The directions for the ribbing are to P2, K1 TBL, repeat. I realized that I had never knitted a stitch quite like this before.

TBL stands for “through the back loop.” Knitting or purling through the back loop causes the stitch to be twisted. A unintended twisted stitch can look like a mistake, but when used correctly it can create stitches that stand out with beautiful definition.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.51.38 AM

Sometimes you knit or purl through the back loop to close a YO, or when increasing with a  M1. In this case, you are going to knit and purl through the back loop to create a twisted stitch on purpose.

Grab some needles and yarn and follow along as I demonstrate knit and purl TBL.


I hope this helps in your future projects.

Happy Knitting!


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