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Norah’s Knits: (Almost) Forgotten Free Patterns

I was wandering about on our web site, looking for an older free pattern, when I realized how many great patterns I had forgotten about.  I get the feeling that if I have forgotten about them, chances are everyone else has too.  I’ve assembled a collection of my favorites – things I’d like to wear. Knit in basic yarns these patterns are great for a wide variety of Berroco yarns  (or , let’s face it, your stash).  I’m putting them on my list of items to rephotograph in the future so more knitters will notice their potential.  For now though, look past the headless mannequins and other awkwardness and you’ll see some great free patterns.  (If you click on any of the images you can start a slide show.)

For the patterns originally designed in Ultra Alpaca, Andoa, Annalina, Asia and Ticuna (scroll over the picture and the item name pops up), you might also take a look at Maya, Fuji, Flicker and Vintage.

Remix or Lustra would work well for the patterns designed for Peruvia. That’s Rectangela and Pike.

Even though Pure Merino is now discontinued you could substitute Comfort, Abode, Elements, Blackstone Tweed, Weekend or Vintage, in the Pilar and Poonam patterns.

Have any of your ever knit any of these patterns.  I’d love to see photos!

10 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: (Almost) Forgotten Free Patterns

  1. Love Berroco Yarns and no have not knit any of the above but I think they would be a great addition for me to knit in the 2014. We are always looking for great patterns… Happy Holiday

  2. Hi, I have been trying unsuccessfully to knit he Gazost,with Kodak yarn, I have ripped out a dozen times!!! Help,please…can you please simplify the rows 1and 2 in pattern? I just can’t make it come out right!!! Boo hoo please help, Robin

  3. Love these patterns – especially rectangula but can’t seem to find the pattern anywhere, even on the Berroco site. Can you include the links to the patterns please??

    1. Hello—if you click on the text for Rectangela (click on the word “Rectangela” within the blog post), it is linked and it will take you to the page with the pattern.

  4. I knit Solaris a few years ago as a gift for my Mom and I loved the pattern! I would love to make another one for myself, too. 🙂

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