Emily Explains: Ways to Wear a Triangle Shawl

This summer I found a shawl at a flea market in Portland, ME. It’s a triangle shawl made of white silky yarn and trimmed with fringe that sways with my every move. This shawl has become one of my favorite accessories because it can be manipulated and worn in a variety of ways, making the form look  different each time!

Here are my favorite ways to wear triangle scarves…

I love the asymmetry of  wearing the point of the shawl on your shoulder. The look is  sophisticated and flattering. Viewed from both the front and back, the shawl gracefully wraps around the body like a wrap or caplet.

triangle scarf 1
Worn with the point on the shoulder …

Wearing the point off center is quick and easy. Just wrap your shawl around your neck and go. You’ll run out the door looking casual and chic.

triangle scarf 2
Worn with the point off center …

Wearing your shawl perfectly down the center reminds me of wearing a bandana as kid. It’s comfortable and classic. You can wear a large, fluffy triangle shawl this way in the winter to ensure your neck and chest to stay nice and warm.

triangle scarf 3
Worn with the point at the center

My favorite way to wear a shawl… just thrown over your shoulders with it flowing down your back.

triangle scarf 5
Casually over the shoulders
triangle scarf 4
Worn with the point down the back…

I’ve been eyeing the following shawls to knit for myself, a wintry substitution for my favorite summer shawl. Norah made the great suggestion of crocheting Halstead in Abode for winter! I’m sold.


Have you been knitting and wearing triangle scarves?

Happy Knitting!



  1. I use shawls to accessorize my work-horse work clothes. A plain colored skirt, a plain colored blouse, and a contrasting shawl to pull it all together.

  2. Trouble finishing edging on Halsted shawl. Not New crafter but find instructions confusing. Can anyone help me
    Thank you

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