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Norah’s Knits: Easy Baby Patterns

The warmer fall weather held out in New England yesterday, allowing us a fun playground adventure with four of our five grandchildren. They were all looking so adorable in their little hipster hats and handknits gifted by friends and family (but alas, not by me).  All this cuteness reminded be that I really need to knit for them too!  I admit to paying more attention to my work knitting than to my grandchild knitting. With the holidays coming, I am determined to rectify that situation. Time to search the Berroco archives for the best of our easy baby patterns. That’s easy knitting (and crochet) patterns – the babies themselves don’t have to be easy!

I went to the  pattern search page for the quickest way to find easy baby patterns.
Then I used the filters along the left column of the pattern page to narrow my search. I found some great grandchild gift ideas simply by clicking on the “Baby/Children” under the “Project Type” category.


I could have filtered for only knitting too, but I like how quick and versatile crochet can be, too. Here are some of my favorites:

303_arshile_lg Arshile – I love a classic guernsey on a little one!  

battenberg_blanket_lgBattenberg Blanket – Blankets stand the test of time.

citron_blanket_girl_lg Citron Blanket – Remember being little and hiding under your towel as if you were invisible?

sofo_lg  Sofo – Gingham!  It’s can be woodsy or girly, depending on the colors you  choose.

sunday_best_lg   Sunday Best Dress – is just plain pretty.

What do you like to knit or crochet for babies?

10 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: Easy Baby Patterns

  1. That guernsey has a great neck to go over a little one’s head! My mom had a great baby pattern for a worsted weight Irish knit. Wish I had that pattern!

  2. Oh Norah, now I am excited 🙂 I agree Chrsitine, that neckline is super. Been looking for the ARSHILE pattern online, unable to find it and since originally published in 2010, bet my local Berroco dealers don’t have it (but I will look!) It would be wonderful if it was reprinted! Always wanted to try a Guernsey, and a small size is great. Not to mention my new first grandchild just came in April, a boy….:-)

    1. I didn’t mean to imply that we were reprinting this booklet. In fact, it’s still in print. If your LYS doesn’t have it, I Googled it and found that there are on-line stores that carry the booklet.

  3. I can’t believe you have grandbabies! I didn’t even know you had kids and only found out a while back that you are married. You must have started young–like me! Am sitting here with my amazing and awesome blanket from Nature Knits!

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