Emily Explains: Color Combinations

I have to be honest, sometimes I find working with color to be extremely difficult. Seriously, I mean how can one possibly narrow down just a few colors of beautifully spun yarn to work with! And to make that decision quickly?! No way.Ultimately, I end up with the same colors – white or “bluish” grey. I’ve realized now that these are my absolute favorite colors, and that it’s okay that I always gravitate to those shades because they make me happy! We should all pick yarns that make us happy, but sometimes it is good to see what the possibilities of color are. Experiment and maybe add something that is unexpected. Maybe you will find your new favorite color this way.

I look for color inspiration all around me…in tear sheets, blogs, paintings and everyday life.

After a while you recognize patterns of what you like. Go with it. You pulled these images because you liked them! If you work in this aesthetic or in these colors, more likely than not, you will like your new knitting project, too.

Another thing I should mention, is that you can usually wear more colors than you think. Maybe the color at the hem of your sweater is different than the color at your face? The color near your face should be the most flattering to your features, while the color used a the bottom of  your sweater can be more wild.

Here are four of our sweater patterns that feature some easy colorwork to play with.


I’m going to chalenge myself and come up with some different color options for these great sweaters.

Toria Illustrations
alber illustrations

I didn’t use blue/gray once! I tried to balance the neutrals that I love with a pop of brighter colors. I hope this inspires you to experiment with color in your next project.

Happy Knitting!


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