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Barrison’s Halloween Costume

Can you believe Halloween is only two weeks away? Barrison had no idea what she wanted to dress up as, at least not until she saw Heather Seratt’s sketch of a skeleton costume. She got some suggestions from the design team and started knitting! She chose our Vintage Chunky yarn for extra warmth and a quicker knit.



Bones, a black jumpsuit featuring white and red colorwork, is what she came up with! Since the sections of color are relatively small, Barrison decided that duplicate stitch would work better than Fair Isle or intarsia.

Are you new to duplicate stitch? Watch our how-to video in the latest Emily Explains!

Barrison followed Heather’s design pretty closely, but opted for a collar bone instead of arm bones because her sleeves are so short. She also skipped the bag because she’ll be going to a party instead of trick-or-treating – you know how city folk get when they see a bear wandering the streets. Now she’s ready to scare up some fun!

Get the free pattern for Barrison’s costume: Bones

Thanks for a great idea, Heather!

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