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Emily Explains: Duplicate Stitch

We all love Fair Isle and intarsia, but sometimes those techniques can be a little intimidating. And what if you only want to add color in a small section of your knitted piece?

Try duplicate stitch! It’s a sophisticated style of embroidery and it’s really easy to learn! You simply use a contrasting yarn to follow the form of existing stitches and create a new design on top of your original knitting. This technique is perfect for doing small sections colorwork or embellishment. It can also be used to personalizing knitted pieces. Use it to add a loved one’s initials (or your own!) or maybe a little heart on the inside of a sleeve.

Want to know a little secret? Duplicate stitch is also a great way to fix any color mistakes you may have made on your last Fair Isle or intarsia piece. In fact, we used it on one of our new fall sweaters, Enni, when the sample’s colorwork didn’t quite match up with our intended design.

Can you spot the duplicate stitches?

Enni from booklet #336
Enni from booklet #336

Didn’t think so! Use duplicate stitch and your knit will look even better than it did before!

Want to give it a try? Grab a knitted swatch, some yarn in the same weight and a contrasting color, a darning needle and follow along as I demonstrate!

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