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Emily Explains: Knitting Swatches for Inspiration

I have to be honest…sometimes I get so overhwelmed by choosing a project that it keeps me from starting anything. I end up knitting many swatches instead. Swatches are a way for me to  “sketch” with my knitting, play with texture and color, and have fun without the pressure of making something perfect. Swatches are  an important tool for making  knitted pieces, measuring gauge, and sometimes they can little works of art, all their own! Here are some swatches from the design desk. Amanda knitted this swatch with Abode. We LOVE this yarn!



Recognize this pattern? It was used to make Lawson!

Lawson knit in Berroco Abode

I joined the design team after the Fall/Winter ’13 collection was done, but I, too, am inspired by the new fall yarns. I have been daydreaming of  quiet landscapes, muted colors, and tangled leaves to wrap up within…

swatch swatch swatch

Maybe one day my swatch will turn into something more, until then I will add it to my desk for inspiration : ) Hopefully your swatches will lead you towards your next great project.

Happy Knitting!


P.S. Swatches are especially important when measuring your gauge! Need a refresher on this?

Watch our how-to video:

6 thoughts on “Emily Explains: Knitting Swatches for Inspiration

  1. Sorry, I meant to also comment on swatching too! I’m not really a fan, but I’ve learned the hard way so now, even if I don’t want to, I do it. In addition, I did not realize that in doing gauge, you need to wash it. When pattern is giving you a gauge is that a wash gauge or a pre-wash gauge? Does that part (washing it) really matter???

    1. I find that steaming or washing your gauge sample really does make a difference, it allows the fabric to bloom, relax, and feel very nice : ) .
      When we write patterns, the gauge given has been washed or steamed

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