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Ashley’s Adventures in Knitting: Merle Progress & Prize Info

Finally, I’m making some progress. If you read my last post, you’ll recall I was feeling somewhat defeated by all the increases. Turns out, I was doing twice as many increases as the pattern called for….grrrr.

After some frogging and a lot of re-knitting, my Merle is back on track! And I’m starting to see the benefits of top-down knitting. I know, I know…that’s what all of you have been saying. Well, now I’m a believer! I LOVE being able to try my sweater on as I go!

Modeling my Merle-in-progress
modeling my Merle-in-progress

Yesterday, I decided to add another inch and a half to the waist of my sweater before beginning the increases. It’s so nice to get a custom fit for my longer torso! Now I’m about 9 inches below the armhole split and I’ve done one of the four waist increases. I’m really liking this design. In fact, I want to eventually make a cap sleeve version in a lighter yarn to wear in spring and summer. You know, once I finish all the other projects that I’ve mentally queued!

So now that the end is in sight, I’ve decided to make one more modification. When I reach the bottom, I plan to continue knitting my sweater without splitting the front cables from the back ribbing. Of course, I checked with Norah first to make sure I wouldn’t be committing a major faux pas! She explained that the split is used to allow the cables to be knit on larger needles, while the back ribbing would be done on smaller needles. Since I don’t like the split, she said I could either knit it as written and seam the sides together afterwards, or switch to smaller needles for both sections. I’m not that picky, so I’ll probably keep knitting in the round on the same size needle.

How’s your Merle coming? Need some incentive to help make the Sept. 17th KAL deadline?

Knit with Norah KAL Prize

Anyone* who finishes by their Merle and posts a picture to the Knit with Norah KAL thread on Ravelry by September 17th will be entered to win the prize. We’re giving away one copy of booklet #336 His & Hers Classics and enough yarn for either Enni or Wist (it will be the winner’s choice!).

*Must meet requirements listed in KAL rules.

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