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Ashley’s Adventures in Knitting: Merle Modifications

Have you cast on for our Knit with Norah KAL yet? The project is Merle from Norah Gaughan vol. 13 and Norah is sharing special designer notes along the way! I’m really excited, not just to knit with Norah, but also because this project offers a few new knitting challenges for me. It’s my first cable sweater pattern and my first time knitting top-down. Luckily, I know Norah will be there to help me (and all of you) out.

Even before I started knitting, I was asking for Norah’s advice. You see, I’ve had the benefit of trying a finished Merle on and I love it…except for the collar. Don’t get me wrong, the design is beautiful! I just happen to have a weird neck thing and I wasn’t sure I liked how felt in the back.

I mentioned I might try adjusting the cable (you know, because I’m such an expert) or start the actual pattern stitch further in. Norah suggested starting in a rib stitch and gradually increasing the number until I had the right count to begin the pattern stitch. She even offered to chart it out, just in case there are any other knitters with “weird neck things” interested in this variation!

Norah came up with this modified chart for Merle. Once you finish it you start at the beginning of the cable chart.
Norah came up with this modified chart for Merle. Once you finish this, you start at the beginning of the cable chart.

I cast on yesterday afternoon and finished my swatch earlier today. After finishingI realized I would have to scrap it, I’m 6 inches in (for the size I’m knitting – 30 – I was supposed to stop at 5 inches) and a little loose. Next time I plan on going down to a size 8 needle to get the correct gauge. Still, I wanted to share some pictures of my first attempt to show how this variation will work into the actual garment.

You can follow my progress and join the knit-along in the Berroco Lover’s forum on Ravelry:

3 thoughts on “Ashley’s Adventures in Knitting: Merle Modifications

  1. Hi Ashley,
    Are you planning to make the back of the collar narrower so it sits lower on your neck?
    Looks like it will be a lovely cardie 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I did actually make the back slightly narrower and then gradually increased until I had enough stitches to start the cable. I’m pretty happy with the finished results!

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