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Norah’s Knits: Pattern Search Tips

I love change, it’s exciting and stimulating – energizing, even….BUT sometimes when you are used to doing something a particular way, especially when it comes to computers, something new can slow you down. I’m thinking about the pattern search on our new (well, 6 month old) website.

It is SO great to see all of the newest patterns right there, front and center on the pattern search page. I am very visual. Give me pictures over words for speed and ease of use (and here I am going on and on in words….) BUT, what if you are searching for something in particular?  What if you are looking for an easy pattern for a crocheted hat? There are hundreds of patterns and dozens of pages to scroll through. It’s time to explore the powerful search tools on the left hand column of our search page.

To find an easy crocheted hat, I’ll first check off crochet in the “Type of Pattern” category.


Under “Project Type,” I’ll go for hats/scarves/gloves. I love that the list tells me how many items are in each category and it changes with each new choice I make. Plus, I see that the results (all the photos on the right) update instantly.


I’ll skip a few categories and check off easy under “Skill Level.”  I’m down to 26 choices, which is a manageable number to choose from.


Ok, I’ve found the hat pattern I want (it’s Peel, BTW).  Now I am looking for a knit bag and I’m planning to use Berroco Ultra Alpaca (my favorite yarn). I’ll want to reset all filters and start over.


Let’s see – “Type of Pattern” – knit, “Project Type” – bags, “Yarns Used” – Ultra Alpaca (I need to put my cursor over the yarn list and scroll down  to find that one), I can skip yarn weight since I already determined the actual yarn (but that could come in handy in another search), Since I’m down to 18 results, I’m skipping the last 3 categories as well, but be sure to check them out.

Here are my results:


I really love Aho , but it’s a tight race between Aho and a bag I designed my first year at Berroco, Brea.  I also like the tongue in cheek aspect to Signature bag, which sports subtle B’s (for Berroco).

What will you be searching for?

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