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What Inspires: Runway Fashions

While we are not slaves to fashion, the Berroco Design team likes to be in touch with what’s happening on the runway – to see new silhouettes, proportions and details, like necklines. I’ve taken some screen shots on two of my favorite fashion sites to illustrate what kinds of ideas we are looking at and the ideas we might be gleaning from them. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.18.58 AM 

I love the shape and fluidity of this oversized top from Isabel Marant.  It looks like this top is filet done with a fine thread.  Maybe we can capture some of the feeling of the piece – the different blocks of pattern and the size and shape  with knitting and of our spring yarns. Our piece will look quite different, probably unrecognizable, but this beautiful top has my brain churning.  We’ll keep this on file as a styling inspiration too. The tank and shorts are really nice with a loose knit top.  Sometimes runway looks don’t translate well to everyday, but this look certainly does.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 9.37.11 AM

I’m blown away by the neckline on this dress by The Row. I often admire the look of a halter neckline, but stop short of incorporating one in a sweater design because its use is so limited.  A halter is great if you are very young or on the beach but otherwise it’s not going to fly with most knitters. I love the combination of halter and fluttery sleeves here.  I am pretty sure I’ll find a way to incorporate this idea into the Spring ’14 pattern collection.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 9.15.06 AM

The latest collection from Donna Karan (Resort 2014) has so many inspiring pieces, none of them knitwear. I love the diagonal seaming on this dress and I can see imitating the lines in a tank top or fitted tee.  I’ve sketched over my screen to give an indication of what I am thinking. The length would change a bit and I’ll have to decide  on a lot of details, like finding the right stitches to make the idea knitable.


You might have noticed that not all of these inspirations are from the latest season. I’m still finding great inspiration from the Spring ’12 and ’13 runways even thought we are designing for Spring ’14.  Our goal is to make patterns that seem modern and new, while being something you’ll wear for many years to come.

How do you feel about runway fashion?  Do you love trolling for what’s new?

6 thoughts on “What Inspires: Runway Fashions

  1. I love runway fashion … my favorite is when a vintage look is updated in a creative new way. The trends above are borrowing from Gatsby/20s, I think. bias drape, love it.

  2. The zig-zag neckline is cool, but like you, I think a halter is impractical… but what about having two straps emanate from the central point (instead of one loop) and criss-crossing them behind the neck? (They could even attach to two zig-zag points in the back…)

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