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Knitter’s Spotlight: Cabana Blanket by Dori Kershner

Dori Kershner knits, crochets, designs and runs the Wooly Monmouth yarn shop in New Jersey. Spending all that time with yarn has proven to be very inspirational for Dori. She designed the Cabana Blanket with Berroco Weekend in mind! “I wanted a simple design to showcase its summery colors.”

The look and feel make this crocheted baby blanket perfect for a day at the beach. And you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty because Berroco Weekend is a machine washable yarn! The pattern alternates between a few basic stitches, so it’s interesting, but still easy enough for a beginner crochet project.

Cabana Blanket by Dori Kershner
Cabana Blanket by Dori Kershner

Did you design this for anyone in particular?  

I designed it as a shop sample. We have noticed that crochet has gained popularity in the shop. Many of our knitters have learned to crochet. I wanted to create something that had more than one stitch pattern in it but was easy enough for a beginner. We always strive to inspire our customers with fresh designs, and this is one of them.

Any funny knitting stories?  

I’ve been known to get my yarn caught up in the occasional flight attendant and make its way down the aisle of an airplane. I also got stuck in an elevator once and was thrilled to have my knitting with me. It goes with me everywhere.  I’ve been caught knitting at traffic lights, on the beach, even on ski lifts!

If you could knit something for anyone in the world it would be?  

I WOULD LOVE to have Adam Levine (lead singer in Maroon 5 and judge on “The Voice”) commission me to knit him a custom-fit sweater! He seems to love wearing cardigans on the show.

What’s your favorite thing about knitting?  

I love having a portable hobby that I can do anywhere, at any time. Also, I LOVE finishing a project and having the tangible result of my efforts that requires nothing but my enjoyment!

Win a Cabana Blanket Kit!

Dori is giving away three digital copies of her Cabana Blanket pattern and Berroco will provide the yarn!

Cabana Blanket Giveaway

Enter to Win: Tell us what you like best about Dori’s design in the comments below.

Rules: Comments will be accepted through Thursday, June 13. Only residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to win. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 14 in our next Knitter’s Spotlight post. They will have one week to claim their prize.

262 thoughts on “Knitter’s Spotlight: Cabana Blanket by Dori Kershner

  1. i love how it combines multiple stitches (something I am still experimenting with) and has a refreshing look!

  2. The colors and stitch pattern look fresh and inviting. I think anyone would love to crochet that blanket and the recipient would be thrilled with how easy it would be to wash/care for.

  3. I love the open weave for summer enough to keep the chill off but not enough to be to hot! The multiple stitches and the combination of colors will keep it interesting.

  4. Love the mid-century modern look….updated! I would love to make it– the vibe perfectly matched out the mid century modern colonial rambler we now call home!

  5. Looks like “SUMMER”! Love the colors and the open-weave design. Reminds me of the beach.

  6. I love the symmetry of the pattern without having the striping all identical! Fabulous pattern!

  7. I adore the beachy colors! There’s something really nice about curling up on a breezy summer afternoon in a soft cotton blanket with texture. I find that I play with the stitches while dozing off.

  8. I love the colours – crisp against the white stripes. It looks interesting as well, with different stitches.

  9. The combination of colors, weight of the yarn she used, and the beautiful clean lines of the stitches make give it a light and summery look.

  10. I love the colors and how light and airy it looks. Looks like a fun project!

  11. I like the simplicity of it. No large and lacy holes, no uncomfy cables. Very pretty.

  12. I like that this design is simple enough for beginners but so pretty. I also like the mention of crafters who both knit and crochet.

  13. I love the simplicity of it and the splashes of color. Very beachy and very comfortable looking. Fun!

  14. I like the color combinations she used. It also looks like a fairly quick and easy design. I like something I can stitch anywhere.

  15. With the varied stitches it doesn’t look like a beginner project, yet it is simple enough for a beginner to make. The colors are fabulous for a great summertime item.

  16. I love the alternating pattern and how the color repeats catch your eyes. Beautiful!
    Rav ID: CRCjaxknits

  17. I love the colors, and that it would be a perfect blanket for the summer weather. It also looks to be easy and quick to make up. That is always a plus.

  18. It looks so summery! I like that it has a variety of stitches, My favorite part – she used Berroco yarn! 🙂

  19. It looks cool; the colors have personality but are close to neutrals and the stitch pattern looks interesting to try.

  20. I love the colors – very light and summery. I love the design; it has a very polished look to it!

  21. I like the colorwork and the openness of the pattern. The perfect baby blanket. I love crochet and especially Berroco yarn!

  22. Looks like summer! I really like the open texture of the tarn and stitches.

  23. There’s a lot to love about this design — I especially love the fresh, almost edible summery colors. As someone who loves to curl up in a blanket even on a hot, Midwestern summer evening, I find the open, breeze-friendly pattern absolutely perfect!

  24. Love the pattern, like how the colors and the pattern changes………would be nice to wrap a baby in!

  25. Cheery and refreshing color selection combined with a nice stitch pattern combination makes this something I would love to make and that’s saying something because I’m a die hard knitter! Well done!

  26. I just love the way the colors make me feel. I immediately thought of a summer beach cottage when I saw the blanket. It would be perfect as a baby gift for my soon to be great nephew who will reside in Texas.

  27. I love the striping, and I love the alternating stitch pattern. I need a reason to pick up my crochet hooks that have been in hiding for too long! And let’s face it; I LOVE Berroco yarns. I’m knitting with Weekend DK now!

  28. Oooooh! I love the tropical colors and the comfortable, casual, airy look of the pattern! Perfect for the front porch swing or the back yard hammock!

  29. I like the alternating bands of color, but primarily the visual texture of the blanket. I think it has a lovely feel.

  30. I like the texture, with some bands of solid stitches and some with a more open look. The stripes give it visual interest.

  31. It looks like the perfect summer blanket…light and airy with just the right colors! Love it!

  32. I love the contrast between the relatively solid white stripes with the open holes within the colored stripes. This is a very nice looking piece. 🙂

  33. Love the colors, and I might slip a coral yarn in there also. I love crochet and like the combination of stitches.

  34. Love the stitches, the change in colors and the color combination. Would love to crochet this right now!!!!

  35. Sometimes, simple and clean is the best choice. This is particularly so during summer. A fantastic pattern for all skill levels. Something a beginner can do without difficulty, and something an experienced crocheter crocheter can do for a breath of fresh air, just as the colors give that impression.

  36. The colors are fresh and lively and the stitch pattern is lacy without having such big holes that little fingers will get caught.

    Perfect choice of colors and yarn for this design!

  37. I love that Dori designed it herself. The bands of color actually remind me of her…very bubbly and fun. Also the idea that a beginning crocheter can make it is awesome.

  38. Love The fresh bright colours. I can imagine myself sitting in a Muskoka chair by the lake drinking my coffee, watching the sunrise curled up under the blanket.

  39. I love the colors and summery feel of this blanket. I’m one of those knitters mentioned in the article, i.e., who’s now learning to crochet. I would like to make a blanket for my neighbor’s Florida room to thank her for her open invitation to use their pool and I think this would be just the thing.

  40. When I first saw this blanket, I thought “Jersey Shore.” The colors are beautiful and remind me of the beach glass we used to find.

  41. I love the stitch and color combinations – easy yet interesting to work on.

  42. I like the combination of stitches and how they give the blanket a little visual interest without being overl fussy.

  43. The stitch patterns and stripes look amazing together – it just screams “summer on the beach”.

  44. I love the airy, summery look, combined with the gorgeous tropical colors. Looks like just the thing to sit on under a shady tree on a hot day with a cool drink in your hand.

  45. What a pretty blanket! You could use that for babies too. ALthough…those ar MY colors! lol

  46. Love the cool yet comforting feel of the blanket. Something with which to wrap myself on a breezy summer evening near the coast.

  47. This blanket has a happy, summery look with bright stripes of color. Beautiful!

  48. I love the summery, citrusy colors. Sometimes it gets a little chilly at the beach and this would be perfect to wrap up in.

  49. It reminds me of the beach. The sound of the waves, nautical colors. Nothing better than sitting on the beach and crocheting/knitting. Just the thought of it drops my blood pressure 🙂

  50. I like the airyness and stripping and summer colors that remind you of the sky and beach! Lovely.

  51. That is a cool blanket…very simple in style and pattern by the looks of…..the color combo is gentle and not too bright…..that’s way cool…..

  52. After a long hard recovery from “Sandy” this blanket with it’s tranquil colors and pleasing stitch design immediately said to me….”Welcome home to the beach, I’ve been waiting for you”

  53. Simple – the freshness of the clean crisp white interspersed with the bright color stripes makes this a winner for a baby blanket regardless of boy or girl. looks like a joy to crochet and give to some lucky new mom.

  54. I like everything, the colors, the assortment of stitches, the airiness, machine washable and the fact that it’s a baby blanket (not too big).

  55. Weekend yarn is actually one of my favorites to knit or crochet with all year long. In addition, the colors of weekend yarn blend beautifully. The openness of the stitches and the white as a continuum between colors just showcases the shades beautifully. This blanket seems quick and its’ beauty can serve many purposes; including a beautiful gift. I love it! Nice work.

  56. I love the summer colors, I love that it could be made into a full size blanket easily. I super love it can be washed so easily.

  57. I love that this is so summery, but you know that on a chill night the blanket will be perfect for a little bit of warmth. Like when there’s a bit of a breeze off the water when you’re on a Cape Cod vacation.

  58. The colors are so summery and it’s a fun, non-concentrating pattern. Very pretty!

  59. It is the perfect colors of the Jersey shore as we continue to dig out from Hurricane Sandy. It will be a wonderful reminder to enjoy our summers at the shore.

  60. Two things caught my eye: I love the openness of the fabric and the fact that the colors are as good for an adult as for a baby.

  61. It was 111 degrees here in Redding, CA. on Saturday. I love the fact that this looks light and cool, both from the colorway and the stitch pattern! It’s hard to find something I can knit in summer here without looking like the crazy lady you tell your children to avoid!

  62. I like the modern design and the way it’s a doable challenge for someone, like me, without a wole lot of crochet experience.

  63. simple but elegant spring colors of the new plants and leaves bright light green and marigolds blooming and lilies

  64. I love the fresh summer colors and the open look of the stitches used in the color striped sections.

  65. Love the alternating colors with alternating stitches. Seems like the perfect weight/design for summer. Keeps the chill off but not too warm.

  66. I like the that the pattern can be adapted to make other items…I would consider making it into a sweater….love the colors for summer.

  67. Such fun colors and a sweet pattern! This looks like the perfect summer take-along project: pretty colors, excellent yarn, and an easy pattern with lots of color changes to keep it interesting!

  68. I can’t resist anything with stripes! But I also love the open lacy look of it — a perfect summer blanket. : )

  69. I am a very experienced knitter who is learning to crochet (again–learned when I was 8 but hated it! LOL!). I like that she says the pattern is simple enough for someone like me. It looks beautiful!

  70. This afghan is totally summer! Great color choices. (*knitting on the ski lift?* -hahaha!)

  71. I like the variety of stitch patterns combined with colors. It looks like it would be fun to make, because you’d be changing things up every few rows and not getting bored. Also, the lighter, open stitches are perfect for spring into fall. Lovely.

  72. I love the stripes and the openness of the pattern and the summery colors, would love to make it!

  73. The colors are fresh, happy, and so great for spring/summer. Baby blanket, cabana blanket – double duty! Very nice….

  74. Love the colors that were chosen. The pattern is airy and very lively. Cant go wrong with Weekend. Ive knitted with it several times.

  75. Such a lovely light summer blanket. I love the unique textures provided by the use of different crochet stitches, and the bright summer colors.

  76. I love Berroco’s Weekend for all the reasons Dori mentioned, but especially because it’s machine washable. I make baby sacks with it and lots of other kids where, handbags, etc. But I am really looking forward to the cabana blanket so I can practice my crocheting skills.

  77. I love this simple, summery blanket with its light and airy stitch pattern and beach ball colors.

  78. The color combo and the pattern take me to the beach in my mind. I am a new knitter and can’t wait to make something with Berroco Weekend yarn!

  79. It’s so summery. great for the beach or a picnic,, or to throw over your lap on a a cool summer day.

  80. I like the color combo, very fresh looking. One of those patterns that requres very little attention and can be done while doing other things.

  81. I’d love to cuddle up with this blanket. It looks so cheerful and bright for summer. Gorgeous! Thank you for the chance. ^_^

  82. It looks so cool and fresh! I would love to make this but I can’t get Berroco yarn in my area.

  83. I love the look of the different textures in the patter. I can see this as a baby blanket with pastel stripes. Thanks for the pattern.

  84. The color combination is appealing 🙂 Makes me think of sand and sun and cool ocean breezes. I love the cotton and a crocheted afghan always has good body…..a necessity for a blanket!

  85. I think I love the eyelets the most, it makes it such a fun, airy blanket and the crochet stitches would be a fun challenge from the knitting I always do 🙂

  86. i like the complication of it, how it looks difficult but easy at the same time, and the delicacy of it! it is surely a show stopper, and certainly worthy of being the best gift to a mommy to be.

  87. I LOVE that it’s crocheted. So many kit giveaways and contests and patterns online are for knitted items- I love seeing crochet receive some recognition! 🙂

  88. i love the colors, the pattern itself, how it looks complicated, BUT easy at the same time. worthy of being a show stopper, and great for a mommy to be. the yarn is simply fabulous too@

  89. This looks like such a nice and really uncomplicated blanket to make for summer use. Not too heavy to cover up with for that little summer nap!!!

  90. i’m primarily a knitter, but this crochet blanket really entices me!!! i’d definitely give it a shot – love the colors and the design!

  91. I love the different stitch patterns— so often I lose interest in a crochet project because it’s miles & miles of one stitch. This blanket looks like it would keep my interest.

  92. This is so pretty it might make me put down my knitting needles and pick up my crochet hooks!

  93. I learned some basic crochet a couple years ago and have been meaning to do more crochet. This looks like the perfect pattern for me to practice up on. Love the summery colors.

  94. Absolutely love the Berroco colors. This is perfect for a cool evening on the water or even if you need a light blanket at home with the ac on!

  95. Love the summery colors of the cabana blanket and loss easy to crochet..I’m a knitter that first learned to crochet at 9 yrs old by my Gram 🙂

  96. Looks so summery! looks like my first crochet project, After 50+ years of knitting, perhaps it is time to spread my craft wings..

  97. What a beautiful combination of summer colors and open pattern! I love working with Weekend yarn and would enjoy making this project.

  98. So simple but very fresh looking. I like her colour choice, soft yet enough to stand out. Very nice! It looks just right for summer!

  99. I love the basic simplicity – something fun to work on while watching a ball game, or chatting with a friend. The colors are great and it would make a perfect throw for in my family room!

  100. That is just beautiful and looks like it would be such fun to make. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  101. Crochet is my favorite needle craft. Looks like an opportunity to try a new-to-me yarn!

  102. Make a cabana blanket and go to the beach…life does not get better. I love the colors and the pattern! It makes me want to go out and get the cabana to go with it

  103. Ooh, makes me want to hang out at the beach inside a cabana, listen to some Barry Manilow and drink a pina colada! Love it!

  104. I love the soft colors and the easy pattern. It’s not to busy. I can see making this to take to the pool to lay out on the chairs and read or work on a favorite craft.

  105. It looks so light and airy but also soft and snuggley. It has enough variety in stitches and color to keep my interest long enough to finish it!

  106. I love the beautiful colors! My favorite thing about this is that it’s a beginners project. I am an expert knitter but am JUST learning to crochet and would love something simple but challenging. What a fabulous pattern. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and generosity!!!

  107. I like that the pattern looks simple and doable. I have not crocheted anything real seriously in years, knitting has called my interest more lately, but I think this would be something right up my alley. It also helps that we have new babies in the family with more on the way.

  108. I love the colours in the blanket. I have a friend who just had a baby and this would be perfect.

  109. Love the multiple stitches and the colors. I’m a knitter who used to crochet and so this looks like something I’d like to try. I also love the striping – very festive and summer-like.

  110. What a lovely colorway, and the blanket looks light and cool for summertime crochet!

  111. A pattern just perfect for chilly summer evenings! Light and fresh colors and lacy stitch design that won’t make the blanket too heavy or warm. I love it!

  112. Dori….your little blanket is both sophisticated and classic. I am into crochet lately(much quicker than knitting!) and your pattern is simple enough to whip it up for this summer! Berroco yarns are super, your pattern is summer-perfect, the colors are fresh, so what more could we want?
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  113. I love everything about it because she would like to knit Adam Levine a custom cardigan. She’d just have to be sure it highlighted his tatoos!

  114. I love the beautiful colors and the simple pattern, it will look beautiful on my new grandson Corbin. I love the stories that she told about her ball of knitting yarn going down the aisle of the plan. Awesome, i don’t have any stories like that, but i was trying to knit the other night and my puppy won’t leave my yarn alone. I had to wrestle her for it. I truely want to win this blanket pattern and wool , i love it so much. Thanks for the opportunity. TerryLee Diemert

  115. Oh my gosh…love the colors. It’s always fun to knit a pattern with a great pattern and color change-up !!

  116. Great summertime blanket! Plus, I loved your funny knitting stories, I think we all can relate!

    Julie Ford
    Charles Town, WV

    fordclan on Ravelry

  117. Wow, beautiul colours in this blanket. I’d love to win the yarn and the pattern. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  118. Great soft colors. I have a kitten named Rio and he just loves my yarn, I plan my time of knitting and crocheting when he is sleeping, I try to get him to play hard and then it is my time!
    Oh Yes!

  119. Beautiful! I love the different stitch patterns used that open and close up the mesh. Really lovely for a summer blanket and much more interesting to work with than the same stitch row after row…

  120. I really love the versatility of her design; many different colors and types of yarn could be used to create a seriously unique yet FUNCTIONAL Piece! 🙂

  121. Love the airy openness of the design, the colors just say summer & you know it’s gonna feel great because it’s Weekend!

  122. What’s not to love about this?! The colours are fresh and delicious and remind me of summer fruits, days at the beach and long, sunny days 🙂 As a beginner to crochet, the pattern looks perfect for someone like me!

  123. What a refreshing change from the shells, etc, that are so ho-hum in crochet patterns. Both the pattern, but also the surprising colors contribute to the appeal.

  124. Appelaing color combination. Perfect to cover lounge chair or beach chair. It could also be used to warm up on cool nights. I think I am ready to knit a big item like this.

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