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A Personal Knitting Story by Pauline Bristowe

Pauline Bristowe worked for Berroco as a pattern sample knitter more than thirty years ago. Now, she’s a proud mother & grandmother of nine and still, a knitting enthusiast. She is also today’s guest blogger. 

Knitting was a way of life in my day—more of a necessity than a pastime.  My first knitting memory is from when I was very young, watching my older sisters knitting wool socks for my cousins who were serving in the war.  Sometime later, in the 3rd grade, I had my opportunity to knit for the soldiers overseas, too.

Pauline Bristowe
Pauline Bristowe

Each class had their own chapter of the Red Cross.  We elected our own chapter president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  We conducted business meetings and made decisions on how our class could participate in the Red Cross. A decision was made to have the girls knit face cloths for the soldiers.  The Red Cross provided us with soft cotton yarn and we went to work.

Well, those face cloths were the funniest looking things you ever saw. They had extra stitches where they were not needed and holes where several stitches had been dropped.  Nevertheless, they were sent off to help those boys “over there” and more than likely to be used to care for the wounded soldiers in the hospitals.  If nothing else, I hope they brought them a smile.

How about you? What is your earliest memory of knitting?

3 thoughts on “A Personal Knitting Story by Pauline Bristowe

  1. My aunt was a knitter and I imitated her by using sticks to pretend I was knitting. I wanted to knit so badly. My mom did not knit so I couldn’t learn from her so eventually, a 4-H chapter started and a lady by the name of Erma taught knitting. There was no holding me back and I have been knitting for 60 years. I love to knit and am so thankful to that woman who taught me. I have in turn taught anyone who wants to learn. My neighbor learned on a pair of socks. That was a trip.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story! My grandparents shared memories of doing the same thing in elementary school, making something for someone is such a powerful way to tell them that they’re cared for! You brought some tears to my eyes reminding me of the grandma who taught me to knit (sitting on her couch with some scrap is my first knitting memory!)

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