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Norah’s Knits: Free Easy Knitting Patterns

We’re two weeks away from our BIG week of photography for our BIG season – Fall.  Amanda, Brenda and I have been sketching, swatching and sending instructions to knitters for a couple of months now, at an increasingly frantic rate. At this point, my brain is fried! I can’t think of knitting anything unless it is easy.

In case you are not already expertly navigating our new web site, here is how you search for free easy Berroco patterns for yourself:

On our website (, Click on the patterns tab:


See the left hand column with all of the search choices?  Scroll down almost to the bottom, where you can check off Easy  (under skill level) and Free (at the very bottom)


You have a lot of other choices too, if say, you only want to look at Fall/ Winter patterns or you know what gauge you are searching for.

I just conducted my own search to look for items I could handle knitting during this busy time. It’s about time I knit a sweater for my brother, and Larry would be a great choice. Toren and Ostrom are items I selfishly want for myself, right now, in this transitional weather. When I wear handwarmers and a big cowl I hardly need a jacket.

larry_lg ostrom_lg toren_lg

Are you thinking of doing some easy knitting for yourself in the next few weeks?  Is your brain feeling fried too?

– Norah

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  1. Have been dealing with my parents estate so yes, my brain is fried. Chose Niche, on the cover of NG12, for my brain dead project. What could be easier than (k1, p1) repeat, with a cable thrown in every 8 rows to keep my interest!?!

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