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Norah’s Knits: Summer Knitting

featured phacelia

Am I crazy? It is so very cold and snowy outside today in New England. Why would I want to start thinking about summer knits?  Five reasons come to mind:


Quite a few folks on my gift list have summer birthdays, AND John and I are looking forward to three new grandchildren this summer. If I start now, I can be ready when these joyous family events occur.

key_lime_lgpomelo_lg citrus_grove_lg

Key-Lime Blanket, Pomelo Slice, Citrus grove Blanket


Summer yarns are hitting stores now. Like many people, I can’t resist something new.   Don’t I need a need a nice light sweater knit in Maya for those first warmish days of the year? I want that yarn in my hands.

niche_lg biscuitroot_lg enter_lg

Niche, Biscuitroot and Enter


A late April jaunt to the Northwest may require a summer knit hat or a light weight scarf.


Phacelia, Quirk and Polaire

Ground Hog Predictions

Hey, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow–that means an early spring, right?

Year-round use

Many of Berroco’s summer yarns are great for yarn wearing year round. Fuji, for example can be a great substitute for any Ultra Alpaca patterns.


Stibnite, Runcorn and Avocet-B

What are you looking forward to making to welcome in warmer weather?

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  1. Susan Mayhew #

    I found you on Ravelry while looking for the Artful Yarn Candy #92147 – can you tell me where i can find a copy (my grand daughter took it to school and lost it!)- AND most important, is this is best site to find your designs?

    February 25, 2013
    • norahgaughan #

      The Artful Yarn leaflet is something I designed when I was working for a different company, JCA / Artful yarns, which has since gone out of business. I don’t have access to any of the patterns. You can try Pattern Fish ( They may have it. is the best place to find almost everything I’ve designed for the past 7 years, as design director here at Berroco. However, if a design appeared in a magazine, like Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits, then the magazine is the place to go for the pattern. Hope that helps!

      February 25, 2013
    • norahgaughan #

      I just did a google search and it looks like this shop may have the pattern you are looking for:

      February 25, 2013
  2. Donna Treloar #

    I’m knitting the Cabled Watch Cap from the Vogue Ultimate Hat Book. After I got through the second set of cables, realized there is no ribbed edging as in the photo. Am I missing something?

    March 4, 2013
    • norahgaughan #

      Hi, Sorry but you’ll have to ask Vogue Knitting about his one. – Norah

      March 4, 2013
      • Donna Treloar #

        Oh sorry. They had given you credit as the designer.

        March 4, 2013
  3. Andrea Donaldson #

    Hi! I love your lace designs in Vol. 12 – especially Quirk! Could you direct me to the pattern. All the links I’ve found go round-and-round without ever leading to the actual pattern😦
    thanks in advance,

    March 5, 2013
    • norahgaughan #

      Sorry, you can’t buy the pattern from our web site, only from a yarn store (or on-line yarn store).

      March 8, 2013
      • Andrea Donaldson #


        March 8, 2013

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