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Norah’s Knits: Summer Knitting

Am I crazy? It is so very cold and snowy outside today in New England. Why would I want to start thinking about summer knits?  Five reasons come to mind:


Quite a few folks on my gift list have summer birthdays, AND John and I are looking forward to three new grandchildren this summer. If I start now, I can be ready when these joyous family events occur.

key_lime_lgpomelo_lg citrus_grove_lg

Key-Lime Blanket, Pomelo Slice, Citrus grove Blanket


Summer yarns are hitting stores now. Like many people, I can’t resist something new.   Don’t I need a need a nice light sweater knit in Maya for those first warmish days of the year? I want that yarn in my hands.

niche_lg biscuitroot_lg enter_lg

Niche, Biscuitroot and Enter


A late April jaunt to the Northwest may require a summer knit hat or a light weight scarf.


Phacelia, Quirk and Polaire

Ground Hog Predictions

Hey, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow–that means an early spring, right?

Year-round use

Many of Berroco’s summer yarns are great for yarn wearing year round. Fuji, for example can be a great substitute for any Ultra Alpaca patterns.


Stibnite, Runcorn and Avocet-B

What are you looking forward to making to welcome in warmer weather?

9 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: Summer Knitting

  1. I found you on Ravelry while looking for the Artful Yarn Candy #92147 – can you tell me where i can find a copy (my grand daughter took it to school and lost it!)- AND most important, is this is best site to find your designs?

    1. The Artful Yarn leaflet is something I designed when I was working for a different company, JCA / Artful yarns, which has since gone out of business. I don’t have access to any of the patterns. You can try Pattern Fish ( They may have it. is the best place to find almost everything I’ve designed for the past 7 years, as design director here at Berroco. However, if a design appeared in a magazine, like Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits, then the magazine is the place to go for the pattern. Hope that helps!

  2. I’m knitting the Cabled Watch Cap from the Vogue Ultimate Hat Book. After I got through the second set of cables, realized there is no ribbed edging as in the photo. Am I missing something?

  3. Hi! I love your lace designs in Vol. 12 – especially Quirk! Could you direct me to the pattern. All the links I’ve found go round-and-round without ever leading to the actual pattern 🙁
    thanks in advance,

    1. Sorry, you can’t buy the pattern from our web site, only from a yarn store (or on-line yarn store).

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