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Norah’s Knits: Aquarium of the Pacific – Future sweaters?

While we were in California for the trade show last week Amanda, Ashley and I took the time to visit The Aquarium of the Pacific. We needed the break after our long flight , before we got started  with the hard work of setting up the booth. Turns out though, that we just can’t stopping working – and that work in the design department can be fun.

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Gazing at all of the inspiring colors and shapes, we found ourselves thinking about knitwear. We discovered at the aquarium that we just couldn’t stop working–particularly since we were surrounded by so many great colors and patterns and shapes in the animals and plants all around us.

We snapped a few photos of the fantastic sea horses and  luminous jellyfish, tropical fish and brilliant corals.  I was most mesmerized by the ghostly jellyfish.  I found myself thinking about how beautifully the bright pops of color looked against a duller, darkened ground.

These things have a way of seeping into a designer’s subconscious. We may not use this inspiration right away, but I know that the beauty we witnessed will find it’s way into a collection in the future.

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