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Norah’s Knits: Shrug it off – Shrugs to Knit

So you’ve gotten your feet wet on cowls, scarves and other knit accessories and you are working your nerve up to knit a sweater. It seems like a big commitment. Plus you’ve haven’t yet made anything to fit a body. If you’re a little afraid to plunge into the intermediate knitters pool, you might want to consider knitting or crocheting a shrug to ease your way in.

Not quite a cardigan, often more like joined sleeves, shrugs make great beginner knitting projects. They’re usually smaller than a sweater and the fit is very forgiving. One size really does fit a range of figures.

Relay could be described as a scarf joining two sleeves:Image

Amy and Knik are cocoon type shrugs, with a fuller body in the middle of the sleeves. You don’t have to wear them pinned, we chose to pin them both for the photos, since you can see a lot more of the pattern that way.


Throw your shrug over a dress to tone down its fancy factor, or over a tank top to take off the air-conditioned chill. You can also layer it over other knits for some much needed winter warmth.

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    1. Follow the text links and you’ll. See that 2 of them are free patterns and the instruction will be there. The third is in a booklet, which you can buy at your favorite LYS or online vendor.

      1. Never found the text links – use Chrome as a browser so that could be the issue, but I went to Berrocco pattern link and found the two freebies – thanks!

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