Yarn Alive

What would you do if you lost your house and all of your possessions?  What if your business was swept away?  Could you go on, knowing friends and maybe even family members were missing?  It’s so hard to imagine even one of these devastating losses, but for thousands of people in Japan all three have been a reality.

It’s been nearly two years since a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated the country’s northeast coast.  Many survivors still live in makeshift government housing.  But instead of giving up or giving in to their sorrows, a group called Yarn Alive chose to come together and do something they love.

Learn more about Yarn Alive:  http://tinyurl.com/amobmj7

There are about 20 women in Yarn Alive who meet each week to knit and crochet together.  When they first started in June 2011, they were given needles, hooks and few skeins of yarn.  At first, they made blankets that were donated to others worse off than themselves.  As their story got out, the yarn kept coming in and the women branched out to all kinds of projects – hats, slippers, sweaters – you name it.

Yarn Alive Berroco Remix

Berroco heard about this group last March and we knew we had to help.  We sent more than 100 pounds of yarn, which was given to the ladies at Yarn Alive’s first anniversary party last summer.  We were so excited when they started sharing their finished projects on Facebook!

View photo gallery on Facebook:  http://tinyurl.com/a3tcltb

One of my favorite things as a knitter and crocheter is the feeling that I can create something out of nothing (not that I would ever call beautiful yarn “nothing”).  I love the feeling of potential when I start a new project.  While I can’t relate to the personal struggles these women have faced, I do know the comfort, joy and sense of accomplishment that these activities can bring.

yarn alive sweater

I wanted to share this story because I am so inspired by the women of Yarn Alive.  I hope you are, too.  I also hope you’ll visit their website and consider supporting their group.  In addition to yarn, they always need hooks and needles.  They’ve even accepted some unfinished projects.  I bet if you go through your stash, you’ll find some small way to share your love of yarn with Yarn Alive.

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