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Norah’s Knits: Where do we come up with this stuff?  Sweater trends and where to see them.

A friend of the Berroco blog recently wrote in to remind us that that we promised, with creation of our blog, to let you in on some of the inner workings of our design department. True to our word and intent, here is a little insight into what Amanda and I are currently looking at to stir our imaginations:

When sweaters are trending in ready-to-wear, it’s a great time to be a knitter and now is one of those times. I’m having boatloads of fun following sweater trends on tumblers like f**kyeahfashion knitwear,  knitGrandeur, and fuzzyfindings (be warned, there is some occasional racy content in this one).

I stumbled across the first of these tumblers while trolling around on Pinterest and then one followed (well tumbled) after the other. You can see knitwear from around the world and across the ages–one after another, after another… Looking at all these sweaters (and other knitwear) is amazingly overwhelming, in a good way. My face gets all hot and I turn red as my brain tries to absorb and process all the amazing images. It’s beyond inspiring. The yarns, the silhouettes, the texture, the details the photography and styling are pretty stimulating, too.

I believe that every designer should be influenced by the world around them. Fantastic ideas don’t happen in a vacuum, we’re all part of a big conversation, one idea building on the last. These Tumblers are one way we keep up with it all.

So now it’s time for me to remind you about Berroco patterns. Here are our interpretations of a big trend we’ve noticed from our web explorations. We kinda went crazy with knit vests executed in fur yarns in emulation of all those fur vests and shearling vests out there in fashion right now. We hope you have fun creating these on your own—we’d love to see a photo of your finished product on our Ravelry page, or posted on Facebook.


From left to right: Caraway & Caffe both booklet patterns and Granita, a free pattern.

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