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Norah’s Knits: Where to Find Oversized Sweaters

The last few seasons have brought a huge change to silhouette in the fashion and sweater worlds, and some of us are quite happy about it. Loose sweaters are back. Not only comfortable and cozy, they are great for all figures (REALLY, I mean it), and getting the right fit is much less fussy. If you’re a skeptic, I suggest trying on some big sweaters in ready-to-wear stores to see just how flattering they can be, and to determine how much ease you like for yourself when knitting your own. While it would have been unthinkable a few years ago, I am now knitting tunics for myself with 8-10 inches of positive ease at the bust and I love them!


You’ll find loads of great examples of this knitting trend at higher end sophisticated stores like Eileen Fisher, Garnet Hill and Nordstrom and they are coming on just as strong at young and trendy stores like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. If you need further convincing, a quick search on Pinterest reveals an amazing (and ever changing) assortment of oversized knit tunics and cardigans.

While it’s gratifying to see that this idea is strong for all age groups, size ranges and price points, most of us who knit prefer to make our own. Amanda and I have loved this knitting trend for some time now, so we are pretty happy about Berroco’s collection. Here are a few of my favorites (click on the photos for more information):



Oversized sweaters often look even better in movement, so here are two more of my favorites, in 360 videos:




16 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: Where to Find Oversized Sweaters

  1. I really appreciate the new trend to loose fitting sweaters, especially for those of us who have lost our hourglass figure. For some of us as we age, comfort is as important as style, as long as it isn’t sloppy. cgunversaw in Indy.

    1. I am finding that on me, mixing a big top (even REALLY big) with skinny pants or a very narrow skirt prevents the look from being sloppy.

  2. I don’t know that they suit all figures. I am an hourglass with a large chest and a tiny waist, so anything oversize tends to hide my best feature and make me look larger than I am!

    1. I bet you can wear oversized pieces if they show off your waistline. Something short might do the trick. Of course, it’s also important that a style suit your personality and for sure, no one style is for everyone.

  3. I totally loved the oversized sweaters that were in style in the1990s (think Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief) – long, loose, and COMFORTABLE. Oversize sweaters never went out of style at my house. I just knit new sweaters with a positive ease and did away with all the annoying shaping. It’s good to see that silhouette is returning and there are designs for it again. I have to admit that some of my makeshift pattern alterations didn’t work so well.

  4. I love that these sweaters are coming back … I’ve been diving into my VK’s from the 90s … lots of great Norah sweaters there … plus I’m loving the designs in the most recent NG booklets. Just finished Coromuel … it’s huge! I love it. Sue

    1. I think it’s time for me to take a look at some those 90’s designs again too. I’m so glad you are enjoying Coromuel!

  5. For us inexperienced knitters, a looser sweater is less daunting! I may actually knit my first sweater in 2013. (Heaven knows people have gotten enough scarves in Vintage and Comfort for a lifetime!) Berroco patterns have so much more style than others I have looked at! Thanks for keeping it stylish.

  6. Dear Norah,
    I love Spenser sweater. Could you please tell me how to get its patterns.

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