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Norah’s Knits: Knitted Christmas Ornaments

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of making Christmas decorations with my mom and my brother. Glue, glitter, felt, paint and suttache cord somehow came together to make truly charming ornaments for our tree. A few (ok, four) decades later, Mom still uses the best of these gems.

These days, my craft of choice is knitting. I’m going to continue our family tradition and make a few knit ornaments this holiday season. I find designer Melba Clapp’s miniature knits irresistible. Each of these three ornament collections contains 12 adorable patterns:  Minutia, Minutia ’08Minutia ’09. A few of my favorite miniature knits are shown above and here:

I’ll hang mine on the tree with miniature hangers made of wire or crocheted loops.  I haven’t decided which yet. These sweaters will make the perfect whimsical addition to my tree, but when it comes to gift knitting, I may go for something more substantial. A dodecahedron star (named Celestine) is fun on the tree and will serve double duty as a great children’s toy, not to mention being great for the science or math geeks among us (that’s most of my family).  The beauty of this gift is that I can knit or crochet them, too!

Oh, and this little cutie designed by Marnie Ann Joyce  looks like a perfect choice for my Mom. It’s name is Bluebird, but I can use a couple shades of grey and make it look like a Phoebe (my Mom’s name).

bluebird_lg– Norah

9 thoughts on “Norah’s Knits: Knitted Christmas Ornaments

  1. We did the same at our house! Scraps of ribbon and braid, remnants of shiny fabrics and velvets and calicos, beads and pearls, rick-rack. I still have a few of the resulting ornaments, too. Love this collection of knit-and-crochet patterns and ideas. And in time to actually accomplish some of these. Thanks!

    1. Maybe our mom’s were separated at birth! I am going to try to remember to get a photo or two of some of my childhood ornaments this Christmas. I’d love to see a photo of some of yours.

  2. Some of my happiest memories involve joining my very creative children making Christmas ornaments. They always improved on my original concept. I cherish both the items and memories of sharing.

  3. So nice to see you and your mom “speaking” on the same blog post. (I should note I also just found your mom’s one pattern on Ravelry.) Maybe your mom could work up a little ornament illustration for the blog? That, along with the photos, would be a great holiday blog post!

    1. I would love to include one of Mom’s illustrations, but she’s too busy making cool pottery! I don’t want to upset her rhythm.

  4. WOW — pretty please — let me chime in with the others. I came here looking for MORE ornie patterns. the ones Berrocco put out in the past few years are marvelous — but I’m slightly addicted to them and want to knit more, More, MORE!! PLEASE ask the Creative Powers that Be to consider giving us more delightful new ornie patterns,

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