At the TNNA trade shows, Berroco’s booth always seems to end up next to the Denise Needles booth, which means we get lots of chances to peek over at their latest products and chat with the wonderful ladies running the booth. In June, our friend Barbara at Denise showed us their latest innovation: Denise2Go. 

This adorable little needle set is surprisingly full of handy tools – it contains needle tips in sizes from US 5 to 10 (in pink, green, and lavender shades), a crochet hook, cords in 3 different lengths (14”, 16” and 19”), a cord extender, and end caps. All that stuff is conveniently organized in a case sewn from printed cottons, and it’s so small that it fits in the palm of your hand. Both Norah and I were instantly smitten (it’s so perfect for traveling, and easy on the eyes too!). Now that we’re both proud owners, we’re even more in love with Denise2Go.

Norah’s been traveling a lot recently, making portability a priority. Since the new needle set is so small, she was able to toss it in her bag and still have room for lots of yarn. I’ve been keeping mine at my desk in the design office – it’s perfect for swatching new yarns and experimenting with different needle sizes.

Want a set for your very own? Make sure you’ve subscribed to our KnitBits e-newsletter, because we’ll be announcing a contest very soon, with Denise2Go sets included in the prizes!

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