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Postcard from Woodstock

Norah and I are back in the office after our photography session in Woodstock, New York, near Norah’s hometown. It was a crazy week – we had more than 70 fall/winter sweaters and accessories to photograph, and record high temperatures almost every day. Our models managed to look snug and cozy when wrapped up in our wooly yarns, but the rest of us spent the days wearing t-shirts and sandals. Thanks to our great team, including our talented photographer and our clever stylist, we ended up with lots of beautiful photographs. It’s too early for me to post any of the photos, but in the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes pictures from our trip:

Mary Jane and Norah carefully plan the outfits for our first day of shooting.

My favorite spot at our location – I love the round window on that door.

There was an hourglass inside the house, and it proved irresistible – someone was always flipping it.

Tree branches at dusk, near a quiet pond.

We can’t wait to show off the final photographs in June!


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