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The Making of a Kid’s Book – Part 2

Picking up where I left off (see Part 1 for a refresher), let’s look at a few more photos while I share some more stories from the photo shoot for Booklet #320 Big Kids/Little Kids. Of the eight kids who modeled for us, there were two sets of siblings. Can you guess which ones are related?

If one pair you guessed was 5 and 7, you’re right! When this pair of brothers arrived for the day, only the oldest was planning to model. His younger brother was stationed in the dressing area, patiently watching DVDs while his brother was photographed. Everything changed when one of the sweaters was a little too small for the older brother, and their mom volunteered her younger son to step in (much to his dismay). Fortunately, his brother was there to coach him, and soon both of them were merrily goofing around for the camera (the younger brother is wearing the hat):

For our second set of siblings, we have kids 2 and 8. Though they aren’t professional models, this brother and sister are used to being photographed by their dad, so they were very comfortable posing. Here they are, holding hands and being cute:

Another one of our non-professional models turned out to be her own fashion stylist. She hadn’t seen any of the items we’d chosen for her to model, but she raided her closet and ended up bringing along the perfect dress for each shot. I don’t know how she managed it, but we couldn’t have been happier with the result! Here are her four magically coordinated looks:

While it was a hectic day, we were delighted to have so many cute kids (and animals) modeling our designs – everybody did a great job!


5 thoughts on “The Making of a Kid’s Book – Part 2

  1. Um – are you sure about #7? It’s clear that the boy in set #2 is kid #8 – and the first set of pix doesn’t seem to show that beautiful hair either. . .

    1. Guess it is 5 and 7 – but the hair is much less vivid in the second picture. Not that it matters, at all.

    2. So many kids, and too many numbers. I did accidentally type 7 instead of 8 for the second pair of siblings – whoops!

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