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The Making of a Kid’s Book – Part 1

Making Booklet #320 Big Kids/Little Kids, one of our spring 2012 pattern booklets, was an adventure. We designed 27 different patterns (more than 3 times what we usually include in a pattern booklet) and began planning our photo shoot. We hired a mix of professional models and friends to wear our designs, and secured a beautiful location on the southern coast of Massachusetts.

To add to the cuteness factor, we brought in adorable animal reinforcements: two fluffy chickens, a bunny named Peter Rabbit, and Cooper, our office manager’s sweet new puppy. Since we ran out of space in the printed booklet, most of the animals didn’t make it onto the printed pages… But now we can show you the mini-zoo we had behind the scenes!

Here are the chickens in all their glory… (photos by Kerry Goodwin)

Peter Rabbit’s close up on the left, and his time in the spotlight with one of our models and the chickens. (photo on right by Kerry Goodwin)

Cooper was as friendly and well-behaved as a young puppy could be, but who could resist the chance to see if the Kendall vest was chewable? (photos by Kerry Goodwin)

Next time, I’ll share some more stories and behind-the-scenes shots of our models – stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “The Making of a Kid’s Book – Part 1

    1. I think they’re called Silkies… Their owner gave them a bath the night before, to ensure as much fluff as possible!

  1. I love silky chickens they are helarious to watch that must have kept the kids laughing!

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