Norah’s Christmas in Latvia

I had the pleasure of spending Christmas in Riga, Latvia this year. What a beautiful place!  The city is so walkable too. We strolled from Christmas market to Christmas market (there are a lot of them!) from museum to museum and from lovely restaurant to lovely restaurant…. viewing SO MUCH amazing architecture along the way.  Of course, I was most fascinated by the yarn and hand knitted good in the markets. One pair of mittens was more beautiful than the next and the same could be said of the socks.  My favorite wool was hand dyed with plants.

Yarn and hand knits at Riga's Christmas market

Riga has a fantastic central market which is held in 3 adjoined Zeplin hangers. Among the piles of dried fish, meat, breads and fruits, I once again spotted some yarn and mittens. Actually my husband, John snapped these photos for me, so I could spend my time ogling.

More yarn and knit goods!Knit items for sales in the big market

…and it goes on.

Knit items for sales in the big market

Santa brought me a cool lens for my iPhone, so most of my Riga photos look like this!

If you ever get a chance to visit, go for it.  I would love to go back in the summer, when there is a longer day,  and see the country side.

– Norah

15 thoughts on “Norah’s Christmas in Latvia

  1. Norah!
    What a surprise! Glad you liked the city! Did you buy anything knit for yourself?

    Very surprised knitter in Riga, Latvia

    1. I bought two pairs of mittens and a pair of socks. My husband’s daughter gave me some of the lovely hand dyed wool from the Christmas market and then I bought even more!

  2. It´s great to hear that you liked Riga. Well, we like it too and whole Latvia as well. Yes, and we have something about knitting 🙂

  3. Lovely! Was there a particular reason to be in Riga this holiday, or was it some place you’ve always wanted to visit and just decided to go?

    The yarn would have definitely done me in. 🙂

  4. I was there 6 years ago in October and though it was cold, it was incredibly beautiful. Did you find the Textile Museum? I still have mittens I bought there and from the ladies outside by the church. warm and beautiful!

    1. It was unseasonably warm there (35-40 F), which seemed a bit odd, but made being outside very easy. We visited the Museum of Decorative Arts, which had a lot of textiles.

  5. Isn’t it the greatest place to be a knitter? I had the opportunity to spend 10 days there back in 2001 on a trip with Lizbeth Upitis. We got to look at (and study) the mittens in the archives of the museum in Riga. Heaven! If you ever want a travel partner for a return trip, I’m up for it.

  6. I was able to visit Latvia in 2001, and what a lovely time we had – many good memories! I hope you’ll share more photos.

  7. Lucky duck you! Would love to see more photos! I have a question for you, what is the price range for these lovely hand knits in the local markets?

  8. Our Latvian Folk Art museum in Chicago has many of these style mittens on display. You can take a quick look at our Facebook page to see some of them. They are awesome. Visiting is by appointment only but I am trying to get a knitting club going in the building.

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