Top Picks for Winter

It’s already mid-December, and I must grudgingly admit that the coldest, shortest days of the year are coming. One bright spot, however, is that with winter comes the undeniable need for cozy sweaters! As a dedicated lover of knitwear, winter is the perfect time for me to wrap myself in the warmest sweaters I own… the ones that are too toasty for me to wear at any other time of the year.

When choosing my sweaters on the coldest days, I have a few rules I try to follow. Sweaters from our Fall 2011 collection make for perfect examples.

1. Sleeves must extend to the first knuckle of my thumb (at least). If my wrists start getting cold, the rest of me will inevitably follow. The wooly, textural sleeves on Callen from NG v.9 look just right:

2. The hemline of the sweater must hit at the hip or lower, to prevent any draftiness around the midsection. Gillings from Booklet #310 is exactly what I’m looking for:

3. Though not absolutely necessary, a little extra fabric around the neck is always appreciated. Whether it’s a turtleneck, a cowl, or a rolled edge like the one on Tiburon (from Booklet #315), keeping the neck area cozy is a smart idea:

While writing this blog post, I’ve realized the sweater I’m wearing today doesn’t meet any of the previously mentioned requirements, and my hands are starting to feel cold… Clearly it’s time for me to start knitting a new winter sweater!

9 thoughts on “Top Picks for Winter

  1. You have beautiful patterns one of which is the AMY shrug. The picture shows an updated version HOWEVER it is the former version that I like and would like to knit. Can you e-mail me the former version of the Amy shrug.

    1. Glad you like the shrug – you’ll be happy to hear that the patterns for the former version and new version are both exactly the same. The only thing that changed is we replaced the discontinued yarn in the original photo with a current yarn.

      1. That’s it? Thanks…so the former version pic just does not show the detailing? I love the way it hangs and does not button in the centre like the one shown in the large pic. In other words…I can knit as shown in the large pic and it will hang as shown in the small pic?
        So happy to be able to talk to someone who knows.

      2. Exactly – we just used a pin to fasten it for the new photo, but if you don’t pin it, it will hang like the older photo. The stitches and body shape are still the same.

      3. I am looking for a pattern for a child’s t-shirt sweater with short sleeves. The sleeves are part of the front/back and the t-shirt is put together by stitching the shoulders and sides. The front/back look like a T with a neckline.

      4. I have started the Amy Shrug….Cast on 167 st…etc and Row 5 says P2tog yo to end P1 is that correct? I end up with 2 sts at the end. Do I K2tog? or did I just make a mistake somewhere?

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