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Office Updates

Since moving to a spacious new building, the Berroco offices have been acquiring some cool new decorations. It’s starting to look really nice, so I thought it’s about time I posted a few photos to show the progress. We’ll start at the entryway and work our way down the hall…

When they walk in the door, visitors are now greeted with this wall panel showing Berroco’s New England mill heritage. Starting with our company’s name today, you can trace back all the way to historic Slater Mill, the first water-powered cotton mill in North America.

Here, Donna sits on the new couch beneath a big Berroco logo and skims through a fall pattern book.

Like Donna’s sweater? It’s Cappuccino, from Booklet #314 – instead of a glowy red like the original photograph, this version is knit in a subtle heathered green shade of Voyage, with dark green Nanuk for the trim. It’s a perfect layering piece for the unpredictable fall weather.

In the main office hallway, we’ve got beautiful blown-up photos from previous seasons (that’s Locus from Booklet #289 in the photo above), accompanied by smaller detail shots of some of our yarns… The photo below shows more:

In addition to the improvements inside, we’ll be getting a permanent outdoor sign soon. It’s exciting to see all the plans and ideas coming together!


3 thoughts on “Office Updates

  1. Did Donna get to knit something?! Or is that a model garment?

    The office looks great! Those are my designs, I’m so flattered that they’re hanging on the walls 😀

    1. It was just a model sweater, sadly – but in Donna’s colors!

      The wall photos look so good! Another one of them is Tweedle from the Boboli booklet. There’s a raspberry tart in the photo, and it’s making everyone hungry whenever they walk past. Everyone keeps stopping by my desk to ask who got to eat the tart when the shoot was over, and I answer that only Cirilia knows!

      Taro decided that in the future, we should avoid putting more food photos on the wall since it’s so distracting for everybody… haha.

  2. HA! I think the answer is that it was covered in hairspray so I had to throw it away. A tragic waste, but a fine sacrifice for the shoot.

    I know that poster of the fish probably tortures Norah, she nearly caved and bought that during the shoot! I guess she still gets to see it daily this way 🙂

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